Da Ali G Show

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Friday 12:30 AM Aug 01, 2004 on HBO
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In New York to sell book ideas to high-profile publishers and agents, Ali G pitches the following would-be bestsellers: "A Kiss on the Lips," a vibrating book designed to stimulate the mind and more; "The Lord of the Rings," an adaptation of the hit films; an Ali G "autobiography" of President Bush; and more. Bruno chats with fashion guru Leon Hall about which celebrities should be kept "in the ghetto" or sent on a "train to Auschwitz"; later, Bruno and "fashion police" James Campbell and Randy McLaughlin rate the attire of such Hollywood notables as Renee Zellweger, Peter Jackson and Paris Hilton. Ali G interviews U.S. Olympic president (and former swimming star) John Nabor about the upcoming games in Greece, pondering why there isn't an Olympic competition for world-record events like Tallest Man or Longest Moustache. Borat travels to Nashville and Tucson to "learn to be country star." There, he demonstrates a Kazakhstan line dance to willing square dancers, gets songwriting inspiration from country-music legend Porter Wagoner, and tests out a liberating new tune at a local lounge.moreless

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  • This is so funny.

    This episode is one of my favorite.

    Ali G starting pitching book idea's to different people. He pitched an idea to someone about making a book about the lord of the rings. Then he pitched an idea about making a biography of George Bush. Then he pitched and idea for a book about sex. He pitched idea's for more books but they all got turned down except for one, he got $50 for one. Later Ali G interviewed John Nabor about the olypics. He asked if the tallest man was an event. He asked alot of funny questions.

    Bruno was talking to the fashion police (James Campbell and Randy McLaughlin) about if famous people were hot ot not. They talked about Renee Zellweger, Peter Jackson and Paris Hilton.

    I give this episode a 9.6 out of 10.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (18)

    • (rap at the end)
      President of the Olympics:
      Yo diggity, check this,
      I may be in a suit
      looking well, old
      But homies if you recognize your talent
      you could win the gold

    • Ali G: 20 years ago woman weren't aloud to vote. Do you think in 20 years animals will be able to vote?

    • Ali G: So who's you're guy that you want to become president now?
      Person: Kerry, John Kerry.
      Ali G: But ain't that ridiculous? I mean he is a very good actor, he was good in pet detective or whatever but why should he have the right to be president?

    • Ali G: I used to think that he was the Terminator, but then I seen him in another film, Kindergarten Cop, then I realized that he weren't.

    • Ali G: So legally, should Ruben Studdard be president?

    • Ali G: Shouldn't clever people get to vote more times then stupid people?

    • Olympic President: It's possible to be the worlds tallest midget, but how do you know?
      Ali G: Well you measure them.
      Olympic President: But how do you know the worlds tallest midget?
      Ali G: You use a ruler don't you?
      Olympic President: Ya, but what makes a midget, a midget? Maybe I'm the worlds tallest midget. Am I?
      Ali G: No, midget's are like the small ones.
      Olympic President: So how do you become the worlds tallest midget?
      Ali G: With diets and how you eat.

    • Ali G: So who did win the olympic medal for best grandson?

    • Ali G: What do you do to them if you find out that they are taking drugs?
      Olympics President: You kick them out.
      Ali G: Why does you disqualify them if they is on drugs I mean if anything, I think you should be giving them a head start. Because you know if I is like totally mashed then I can hardly get off the sofa, let alone walk to the fridge, let alone do a race.

    • Ali G: I asked one of the girl's if her grandfather was Adolf Hitler. You know the one with the moustache?

    • Ali G: We have all heard of world war II, but did you know that a few years before that there was a war called world war I?

    • Ali G: Do you know how much money the lord of the rings has made?
      CY Adler: I do not.
      Ali G: Literally thousands of dollars.

    • Ali G: Is it true that more people vote for the winner of American Idol than vote for the President?

    • Ali G: Was the World Record for the "Tallest Man" set at the Olympics?

    • Ali G: I hear there's drug testing in the Olympics. Is that the bestest event?

    • Ali G: Me is gonna write a book version of the film Lord of the Rings.

    • Ali G: People has been reading books for millions of years. But thanks to new technology, now they is able to write them as well.

    • Intro:
      Ali G: Booyakasha!

  • NOTES (1)

    • This episode contains the controversial "In My Country There is Problem" song performed by Borat (Cohen). The song contained Anti-Semitic remarks ("Throw the Jew down the well") in which some of the patrons of the bar sang along.
      The Ambassador of Kazakhstan and the The Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish anti-racism organization, complained to HBO about Cohen's anti-Jewish lyrics. It is only fitting to note that Cohen himself is Jewish. The full lyrics to the song can be found in this episode's recap.


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