Da Ali G Show

Season 2 Episode 3


Aired Friday 12:30 AM Aug 01, 2004 on HBO
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In New York to sell book ideas to high-profile publishers and agents, Ali G pitches the following would-be bestsellers: "A Kiss on the Lips," a vibrating book designed to stimulate the mind and more; "The Lord of the Rings," an adaptation of the hit films; an Ali G "autobiography" of President Bush; and more. Bruno chats with fashion guru Leon Hall about which celebrities should be kept "in the ghetto" or sent on a "train to Auschwitz"; later, Bruno and "fashion police" James Campbell and Randy McLaughlin rate the attire of such Hollywood notables as Renee Zellweger, Peter Jackson and Paris Hilton. Ali G interviews U.S. Olympic president (and former swimming star) John Nabor about the upcoming games in Greece, pondering why there isn't an Olympic competition for world-record events like Tallest Man or Longest Moustache. Borat travels to Nashville and Tucson to "learn to be country star." There, he demonstrates a Kazakhstan line dance to willing square dancers, gets songwriting inspiration from country-music legend Porter Wagoner, and tests out a liberating new tune at a local lounge.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (18)

    • (rap at the end)
      President of the Olympics:
      Yo diggity, check this,
      I may be in a suit
      looking well, old
      But homies if you recognize your talent
      you could win the gold

    • Ali G: 20 years ago woman weren't aloud to vote. Do you think in 20 years animals will be able to vote?

    • Ali G: So who's you're guy that you want to become president now?
      Person: Kerry, John Kerry.
      Ali G: But ain't that ridiculous? I mean he is a very good actor, he was good in pet detective or whatever but why should he have the right to be president?

    • Ali G: I used to think that he was the Terminator, but then I seen him in another film, Kindergarten Cop, then I realized that he weren't.

    • Ali G: So legally, should Ruben Studdard be president?

    • Ali G: Shouldn't clever people get to vote more times then stupid people?

    • Olympic President: It's possible to be the worlds tallest midget, but how do you know?
      Ali G: Well you measure them.
      Olympic President: But how do you know the worlds tallest midget?
      Ali G: You use a ruler don't you?
      Olympic President: Ya, but what makes a midget, a midget? Maybe I'm the worlds tallest midget. Am I?
      Ali G: No, midget's are like the small ones.
      Olympic President: So how do you become the worlds tallest midget?
      Ali G: With diets and how you eat.

    • Ali G: So who did win the olympic medal for best grandson?

    • Ali G: What do you do to them if you find out that they are taking drugs?
      Olympics President: You kick them out.
      Ali G: Why does you disqualify them if they is on drugs I mean if anything, I think you should be giving them a head start. Because you know if I is like totally mashed then I can hardly get off the sofa, let alone walk to the fridge, let alone do a race.

    • Ali G: I asked one of the girl's if her grandfather was Adolf Hitler. You know the one with the moustache?

    • Ali G: We have all heard of world war II, but did you know that a few years before that there was a war called world war I?

    • Ali G: Do you know how much money the lord of the rings has made?
      CY Adler: I do not.
      Ali G: Literally thousands of dollars.

    • Ali G: Is it true that more people vote for the winner of American Idol than vote for the President?

    • Ali G: Was the World Record for the "Tallest Man" set at the Olympics?

    • Ali G: I hear there's drug testing in the Olympics. Is that the bestest event?

    • Ali G: Me is gonna write a book version of the film Lord of the Rings.

    • Ali G: People has been reading books for millions of years. But thanks to new technology, now they is able to write them as well.

    • Intro:
      Ali G: Booyakasha!

  • NOTES (1)

    • This episode contains the controversial "In My Country There is Problem" song performed by Borat (Cohen). The song contained Anti-Semitic remarks ("Throw the Jew down the well") in which some of the patrons of the bar sang along.
      The Ambassador of Kazakhstan and the The Anti-Defamation League, a Jewish anti-racism organization, complained to HBO about Cohen's anti-Jewish lyrics. It is only fitting to note that Cohen himself is Jewish. The full lyrics to the song can be found in this episode's recap.