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  • A comedy show about Sacha baron cohen who dresses up in stupidly funny outfits that represent different people, a kasakstahnian,borat. A Homosexual, Bruno and a idiot'gangsta'Ali G. He goes on serious interviews and makes fun of people who think hes crazy

    This is the most funniest programme in the history of television. When I first saw it I think I wet myself when Ali G was interviewing Buzz aldrin it was literally the funniest thing I had ever seen in my tewnty two years of living apart from the new borat film that baron cohen made which was undescribabley funny. If you watched Ali G and didnt laugh for any sketches then you are not human because i cant even go one single clip without my head falling off with laughter. I would reccomend this show to anybody who has a sense of humour!
  • Boyakasha, hear me now. This is some fine piece of entertainment.

    Da Ali G Show is a show based on the fictional character Ali G. A white Englishman that tries to be like an African-American gangster. In the show Ali G, played by very funny Sacha Baron Cohen, has all this interviews with more or less famous politicians and civil servants. But the questions he asks them are different than other interviewers, his questions literally are nonsense. Then you get to see the people trying to answer and really thinking he is that stupid. Other characters that appear frequently on the show is Kazakhi Borat and German Bruno (also played by Sacha Baron Cohen). Borat is by my opinion the funnier, as he acts like an Kazakhi reporter that tries to experience how life is in America. This leads to all sorts of hilarious situations.
    Respect, peace out.
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  • Ali G and Borat are a deadly mix of humor!

    Ali G in da US is a real classic and so funny! I right a lot of reviews about comedys and i only write them when it is worth and believe me it is!

    We all know Ali G from the shows he made and ofcours the movie ( I don't know if you know he had a movie becouse I just found out a week ago. . . . ). He can be just so hilarieus and is my favorite rapper now( accually i don't like hiphop and r&b that much. . . .but Ali G is just so funny!)

    Ofcours after the movie almost everybode in the US an europe knows ho Borat is. In my oppinion he is even better then Ali G (sorry if you are a bigger Ali G-fan but I just think it is treu). Borat is so well made and funny , it's becouse he is from Kazackstan and people don't know what they'll expect. He can do a lot of things when the people who he is interviewing are thinking:" well that maybe a habite in those countries. . . . ". Borat , RESPECT MANN!!!
  • Waz up dawgs!

    This has got to be one of the greatest things to ever hit television. From his great characters like Ali G the clueless bafoon interviewing people form the average shmo to high experienced politicions. Then there Borat the anti-semetic man from Kazakstan who goes around the country to find out things for his home country,"Throw the Jew down the Well" is a Finally there is the gay guy from Austria that goes to all the local fashion shows and interviews them for the sake of fashion. This show is awsome and I wish HBO would bring it back for all to enjoy.
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  • Watch out for Borat!!! Pepsi max!

    Ive been a fan of Ali G for over 4 years now. I gotta say I love this guy. I enjoyed almost all of his work, Surprisingly I find borat alot of funnier than the Ali G character. Sacha has a bright future infront of him if he ever decided to continue making more seasons later. Too bad the final and second season has ended. Hope he takes his career into the next level and tries to make it into hollywood bigtime. For those who haven't heard of Ali G, go watch any of his stuff and you will believe in love in first sight! THIS GUY ROCKS!
  • Da Ali G Show does what most don't, it provides intelligent comedy. The personalities featured in each episode are intelligent, accredited and well respected. The young and old can laugh together, at the obscurities of our own culture.

    Moderately offensive at times, but most often clever and witty. Da Ali G show touches on the most current of topics in a way that most others don't. As a host, Ali G takes on three different character changes. He's seen First as himself, a sort of urban gangster from the United Kingdom. He interviews some of our countries most respected political leaders and uses wit to emphasize the humor found in the most current of topics. Ali's famous for his play on words and of course, his slight perversions. His other two "characters" are Borat, a news reporter from Kasacstan and a homosexual, Swedish Fashion Reporter. Wonderful way to lighten up the evenings.
  • Candid Camera on Ac!d.

    Some time's it's hard to watch this show. I keep wondering if people really fall for his hi-jinks, because there is no way that they would. Each week people proved me wrong.

    I tuned in to the first episode since there was nothing else on to watch. Here I see a guy who is flamboyantly trying to be ghetto that it was just too funny. A gang member trying to find out how the police works? Irony at it's finest. I was in laughing fits all through that episode. I couldn't get enough of his pranks.

    Later episodes educated us to the finer points of American culture. Bruno showed us that people would change their views on fashion on a dime just to please the show owners. Borat taught us that unlike the stereo-types, Americans are very patient with people from other countries...if they are being filmed that is. And Ali G showed us that politicians will be interviewed by anybody.

    It was fun learning things about human nature from Da Ali G Show. Unfortunately, the season was made up of only six episodes, and eventually ended after the second season. This was possibly due to the controversy his characters created (especially Borat) or possibly the fact that Ali G was getting to be well known and it was harder to find people to trick who wouldn't already be in on the joke. No matter what the cause, it was still a decent show that introduced us to a new form of television that was really reality. Keep it Real.
  • Boyakasha !

    There's a new king in town... and his name, is Ali G.


    Ali G is, simply, the funiest show of it's time. It pokes fun, ridicules, laughs at all of the serious and high-minded politicos, pundits, activists, industralists, commentators and world-class idiots out there. It thrives on silly things that make no sense. It is comedy raised to an art form, by a man who can improvise brilliance on the spot.

    -Ali G: Does the moon really exist?
    -Buzz Aldrin: Err...
  • An amazing show featuring an amazing talent

    Da Ali G show is an amazingly funny show featuring the talented Sacha Baron Cohen who invokes laughter in every which way possible. He resorts to asking ridiculous questions while interviewing famous and not-so-famous personalities and making a fool out of himself by performing stupid acts. He plays rapper wanna-be Ali G, reporter from Kazakhsthan Borat and gay Austrian reporter Bruno. IMO he is best when performing as Ali G. He is truly a genius and will undoubtedly be remembered as one of the best comedians ever.
  • Sacha Baron Cohen makes fools out of everyone from professionals to locals with his three ridiculous characters, Ali G, Borat, and Bruno. The fact that each segment is done on the spot makes comedic brilliance.

    Sacha Baron Cohen brings his intelligence and wit to his three characters, who have their "own show," to dupe everyone he meets. How he sets up the interviews and other segments is shaded in mystery. Ali G, the hip-hop wangsta from the UK, Borat, the slow Kasak, or Bruno, the gay Austrian, all show Cohen's ability to sell his character in order to create hilarity. Cohen "does" each character for months at a time in order to make them believable and also to grow facial hair or not shower for Borat. Everything on the show is mostly made up on the spot which shows how quick Cohen is on his toes. Usually people can't believe this "guy" has his own show, but the funniest things are when Cohen can read and manipulate the other person to make them look like a total idiot. Such as when he has 5 guys from a wrestling team on spring break yell P-A-R-T-Y over and over. This show is easily one of the funniest on TV. Each episodes is guaranteed to have a laugh riot segment that you can watch over and over any day.
    Personal Favorite Skits: "Throw the Jew Down the Well"; Ali G's Freestyle about the Fence; Ali G trains as a cop; on the DVD, Ali G's "Spyz"
  • this show rox!

    omg what a gr8 show! i like this show so much. if you dont, you probably habe issues of some kind. otherwise, you are just a sped... sped sped sped sped sped... poor little sped. anyway, this show has a lot of hilarious skits and politicians rapping, so that gives it the 10 it totally deserves.
  • This extremely clever show pokes fun at the most unlikely characters and subject matter. It parodies the 'Gangsta' wannabe's out there.

    I anxiously await each new episode. The off-colour humor makes me blush and laugh at the same time. Sacha Cohen's take on the "Wannabe Gangsta" the East-German 'Fashion Fag' and the Khazakstani are priceless. You also see some of the most unlikely people being interviewed by the various characters, which always ends up being really hilarious. This is a must-watch for people who aren't too uptight to have a little fun.