Da Ali G Show

HBO (ended 2004)





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  • Ali G and Borat are a deadly mix of humor!

    Ali G in da US is a real classic and so funny! I right a lot of reviews about comedys and i only write them when it is worth and believe me it is!

    We all know Ali G from the shows he made and ofcours the movie ( I don't know if you know he had a movie becouse I just found out a week ago. . . . ). He can be just so hilarieus and is my favorite rapper now( accually i don't like hiphop and r&b that much. . . .but Ali G is just so funny!)

    Ofcours after the movie almost everybode in the US an europe knows ho Borat is. In my oppinion he is even better then Ali G (sorry if you are a bigger Ali G-fan but I just think it is treu). Borat is so well made and funny , it's becouse he is from Kazackstan and people don't know what they'll expect. He can do a lot of things when the people who he is interviewing are thinking:" well that maybe a habite in those countries. . . . ". Borat , RESPECT MANN!!!