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Da Boom Crew

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A hip-hop, sci-fi animated series following the intergalactic adventures of four orphans who are transported into a universe that strangely resembles a video game world that they've created. The creators of this show were also creators of Dave the Barbarian and The Proud Family. This show was nearly reported to go to Toon Disney but Kids' WB! won the bargain and bought it right away. All of these orphans have had a hard life so magically they are transported to the video game world with their many wishes. Life is hard here but they also get to find some incredible adventures and explore like a real video game character. Let your mind go through excitement in, Da Boom Crew!
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  • I don't understand the hatred for this show

    I saw and episode on YouTube and I still enjoy it now as I did when I was a kid. With animation in similar to that of The Proud Family, impressive action scenes and a unique concept, this show is not only underrated but also under appreciated. The dialog is alright to say the least; I mean, the kids are fine, but Headlock is a little much and Zortch is basically the Horned King of the galaxy. My main problem with the show is that it was canceled way to soon; I know some shows don't make it passed their first season due to low ratings, but after just 4 episodes? Are you fucked up in the head? Really? If you're looking for nostalgia, I recommend you check this out on YouTube: if you didn't grow up during the 2000s, you might not enjoy it as say your older sibling.moreless
  • 1.0
    Let me try to review this steaming pile of dog poop. It. Sucks. And offensive. If I could, I'd give it a negative rating. The show's intro starts off with these middle class kids from the suburbs who apparently want to be all so ghetto and cool. They use stereotypical slang terms which haven't been said since the early 90s, interested in rap music, etc. They were creating a video game all willy nilly, which, is a problem in itself, since real video game development requires so much technology and labor.

    The characters include 2 African American kids (brothers?) who are probably from the suburbs and only want to be ghetto, a smart yet annoying white girl, and a fat kid who I think is multiracial, also probably from the suburbs and wants to be ghetto. None of the characters are bearable. The villians suck, and the whole plot is corny. Mixing sci fi and hip hop? Not gonna end well. Also, it is never explained why the kids are sucked into the parallel universe. The voice acting is bad, the animation and colors are not aesthetically pleasing, it really looks like a mix of Halo, Star Wars, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and Bobby's World. What a terrible show.moreless
  • Man this show was crap

    I use to watch Kids' WB back then, but it had very few good shows, and this show was crap. i'm glad it's not on anymore, it was a stupid idea from the start.
  • Sadly, this show needs to go boom.

    Garbage that's more unpleasant to eyes. It's more unpleasant than realistic a garbage.

    Plot: Really cluttered up and messy. It's about kids who got trapped on the game that they made. And they have to go around to get those so-called boom cards (or boom craps) to save the world. Alright, how did the portal to the game affected the real world? Why it wasn't explained. They have a lot of explaining to do. Filled w/ stereotypes and offensive layouts.

    Characters: Racist characters. Most of them are stereotypical to the blacks that it offends really strongly. Being gangsters, hip-hop street kids, and they display it into a bad, annoying way!

    Humor: Also racist, stereotypical jokes. That's all. This is more of a disguise attack to the blacks around the world!

    Art: The animation and art is down to dust..... what the hell..

    Overall: -2.8 For being racist. This is an obvious attempt to attack the black people. Everyone who's not dumbfounded can find out.moreless
  • Because I give every show a chance. And from what I remember, this show was pretty great.

    Although this show only got to air 4 episodes on Kids' WB! it was still an excellent series. I ended up buying the series from some website and I've been watching it over and over. It's actually pretty interesting and an original concept. I thoroughly enjoyed most of the characters and I wish that Kids' WB! would have aired the complete series (I mean come on- it was only 13 episodes long). People should really give this show a chance because they might be surprised by the results. It's sad that Kids' WB! is almost done as a channel but they could benefit from bringing this show back.moreless