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  • Da Boom Crew is a Bomb

    A show that could've been cool but the makers decided to add gang slang and made the characters all ghetto which in reality isn't cool at all. Are they trying to bring such slang back into modern use? None of the characters have any real personality what so ever. I mean the creators didn't even try and took the laziest route possible which ended up being a painful displeasure to watch and thus a waste of time. No wonder this show got cancelled so quick. Kids WB really scraped the bottom of the barrel on this one which only quicken their decline.
  • I never understood the hatred for this show, now I do :/

    After thinking hard about it and taking note from Mr. Enter, I realized there's a jarring problem with the way the story is told. Like, the kids made a game and were magically transported into a world much like their game, only this time it's the real thing. Basically it's Cyberchase with action, a more diverse cast and lingo---and also it doesn't make any sense. If the world is like their game, shouldn't they know where the cartridges are? Who says "Tony Hawk it up?" Why does the girl talk techno-bable when she can just say what she means? The characters also don't have much of a personality and the villain is the Horned King of the galaxy (no, not like Lord Hater, more like the Horned King's long lost brother sent to space). I'll give the show this, the animation is decent and the action is well executed; and at the very least, some jokes are clever. Other than that, this show can be summed up in one word: broken :/
  • A good concept of a show, but HORRIBLY EXECUTED

    Da Boom Crew could have been one of the better shows out there, but instead of putting actual thought and creativity into it, they chose the laziest route possible. Cardboard cutout characters, annoying slang, a plot that has plotholes the size of a big rig truck... it's just an utter mess.

    And what angers me is the fact it didn't have to be. Seriously, for a series that would make the Proud Family, it shows these people were capable of making good material, but the fact they didn't is utterly shameful on their part.

    What a waste...
  • 1.0
    Let me try to review this steaming pile of dog poop. It. Sucks. And offensive. If I could, I'd give it a negative rating. The show's intro starts off with these middle class kids from the suburbs who apparently want to be all so ghetto and cool. They use stereotypical slang terms which haven't been said since the early 90s, interested in rap music, etc. They were creating a video game all willy nilly, which, is a problem in itself, since real video game development requires so much technology and labor.

    The characters include 2 African American kids (brothers?) who are probably from the suburbs and only want to be ghetto, a smart yet annoying white girl, and a fat kid who I think is multiracial, also probably from the suburbs and wants to be ghetto. None of the characters are bearable. The villians suck, and the whole plot is corny. Mixing sci fi and hip hop? Not gonna end well. Also, it is never explained why the kids are sucked into the parallel universe. The voice acting is bad, the animation and colors are not aesthetically pleasing, it really looks like a mix of Halo, Star Wars, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and Bobby's World. What a terrible show.
  • Man this show was crap

    I use to watch Kids' WB back then, but it had very few good shows, and this show was crap. i'm glad it's not on anymore, it was a stupid idea from the start.
  • Sadly, this show needs to go boom.

    Garbage that's more unpleasant to eyes. It's more unpleasant than realistic a garbage.

    Plot: Really cluttered up and messy. It's about kids who got trapped on the game that they made. And they have to go around to get those so-called boom cards (or boom craps) to save the world. Alright, how did the portal to the game affected the real world? Why it wasn't explained. They have a lot of explaining to do. Filled w/ stereotypes and offensive layouts.

    Characters: Racist characters. Most of them are stereotypical to the blacks that it offends really strongly. Being gangsters, hip-hop street kids, and they display it into a bad, annoying way!

    Humor: Also racist, stereotypical jokes. That's all. This is more of a disguise attack to the blacks around the world!

    Art: The animation and art is down to dust..... what the hell..

    Overall: -2.8 For being racist. This is an obvious attempt to attack the black people. Everyone who's not dumbfounded can find out.
  • Because I give every show a chance. And from what I remember, this show was pretty great.

    Although this show only got to air 4 episodes on Kids' WB! it was still an excellent series. I ended up buying the series from some website and I've been watching it over and over. It's actually pretty interesting and an original concept. I thoroughly enjoyed most of the characters and I wish that Kids' WB! would have aired the complete series (I mean come on- it was only 13 episodes long). People should really give this show a chance because they might be surprised by the results. It's sad that Kids' WB! is almost done as a channel but they could benefit from bringing this show back.
  • Have you ever watched a TV show that made a blood vessel pop? Well this show can do that to you.

    In the final years of Kids WB! it struggled with its programs. Most of the shows on there were terrible, and little ones that were good had a terrible time slot. So Kids WB! tried to get a new show that was supposed to be on Toon Disney, but Kids WB! got it instead, but this show only served to be another nail in the Kids WB! coffin. In Da Boom Crew it centers around a group of kids who get trapped in a video game world that they created. They have to go around and collect these cards called the Boom Cards since they are throwing the planets out of whack, and save the galaxy. Never heard of it? There are plenty of reasons you haven't. You know how most shows with a bad premise can somehow make it into a great premise? This is one of the rare shows where even the premise is so terrible and ridiculous that no person in the world can make it into a decent premise , not even Genndy Tartakovsky or Lauren Faust, and those are 2 of the best show creators ever. So aside from the abysmal premise this show is full of awful characters, terrible jokes, and stuff that makes absolutely no sense at all. Every character on this show is so stereotypical and is racist to the max. We just have a smart girl, fat boy, and 2 brothers. They are stereotypical wise cracking idiots who go on about hip hop and make jokes about it so much. Honestly did we need to reinforce racism even more with these characters at all?! Even the white kids go on about Hip Hop and "the street". The main villain and his assistant are just brain dead idiots and they are not threatening in the least bit. There are also so many things in this show that make no sense at all. For example the kids are sucked into a galaxy by this space vortex and the galaxy is like a video game. We are never told anything about where this vortex came from, who summoned them, or even why the galaxy is like the video game. Also how do Boom Cards control planets? You mean to tell me that a single card could allow you to control the planet? It's so confusing and nothing at all makes sense. At least Pokemon made some sense and there was some explanation to some things. Also the entire idea of a show that is both Sci-fi and Hip Hop combined together is so stupid and terrible. The artwork is terrible the characters have ugly designs to them, and even set designs look unoriginal. I swear one of the planets looked like Tatooine from Star Wars. There's no eye candy at all in this show at all. The animation is no better at all. It looks ugly and is choppy as well as stiff. The humor is awful and is noting but stupid gags or something related to hip hop. This show was bound to fail the moment it was aired, and no one should be subjugated to seeing this show at all not even your worst enemy. If you are one of those who missed this monstrosity consider yourself luck this show is nothing more than a laughingstock, but no one is laughing at all.
  • this cartoon is the best ever made

    this cartoon is one of the best yet it always entertains you and each one is different to the last it always keeps your attention i would defiantelly reccommend this to anyone who enjoys watching animated cartoons and the characters are quite unusual to and da boom crew always try to help which also makes it quite interesting definately something i will watch every day and it is quite unpredictable at times which also makes you want to watch more i think that everyone should at least watch one episode of da boom crew before deciding if its good or bad i rate this 10/10
  • Sucks

    So it is about hip-hop street hooligans( I like saying that) that made a game and got into it. This show is so bad why put this on a KIDS channel. Children don't need to get influnced into wanting to be in a life with gangsters thugs and players. There should be a rant about the person who created this show. Gaara 257 this show is horrible and too freakish just telling you since you haven't seen this crap. This show is soon going to be abysmal once more people find out about it and they wll give it ones.
  • I have never seen this show but it sounds like something I would really really really really really hate.

    I saw some bits of it and the animation looked terrible this show sounds like the worst show ever much worse than Mr. Meaty I might be going off topic becase I am only writing this review just so The rating can go down into a abysmal rating worst show ever End of review.
  • Whoever thought of this piece of crap is probably asshamed for even making it into a show.

    This show was nothing but a .Hack rip off. It also has lame hip hop jokes, an ugly girl, and other horrible stuff which I don\'t even know becuase I didn\'t even bother to watch it. I can see why it got cancelled after only 4 episodes and only 8 airings in a lifetime, it\'s quite sad. If it wasn't for crap like Barney and Teletubbies this would definately the worst show ever. I don\'t mind if you like it, but I do find it very surprising. To Hell with Da Boom Crew. May your pure crudiness become another torture to the bad hearted people who once walked on out world.

    This show is the worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst worst show EVER!!!!
  • Read my Coconut Fred's fruit salad Island review then intensify the insult 10 fold

    A show about some kids trapped in a video game which is one of the most retarded things I've ever seen. The show is also incredibly racist to black people even the white people act "street" [which is annoying hearing a fat white guy rap]. I am glad this got canceled because anyone that watches this must of had a complete brain removal and replaced it with a hom[o]e boy poser retard's brain, smoked crack for 12 hours [in Coconut Fred's review I said Acid for 8 hours so this is worse] then steped in front of a speeding Semi got ran over and started laughing uncontrolably because of how baked they are. So this show sucks 4 Kids better not bring it back.
  • Absolute rubbish.

    OK, this is not just rubbish, it's racist too! And the only thing exciting about this lump of sludge they call a cartoon is the fact that it has a relatively good theme tune, even though I HATE rap.

    Not funny, the quotes are so bad and it's crap to begin with!
  • never had a chance. Doesn't deserve one either

    KidsWB has produced alot of screwups over the years, but this was undoubtedly one of their worst. The show could practically be considered racist in some aspects, but I won't go into it. It comes as no surprise the show was pulled from the airwaves so early. I hope KidsWB does us all a favor and moves it to "canned" status.
  • This is the worst show EVER!!!!!!!

    Ugh this show is really, really stupid. It is the worst show I have ever seen! I mean if anyone tells me that they like this show, then they are the most retarded people I have ever heard of. I mean seriously when I watched this show, I was so annoyed that I felt like either smashing my TV with a hammer or I would just kill myself! You know why? Because this is the worst show I have ever seen! If you have a DVD recorder and you set the time to when da boom crew is on and put in a DVD-R inside it, Remove the time off of your DVD recorder! Because if you put this show onto a DVD-R (the kind that won't erase) then you are wasting blank DVDs. And last but not least this show is for sure a complete waste of time! That's all I'm saying about this show.
  • If this show is cancelled (Heaven forbid), I want them to bring it back!

    This show...oh, gosh, please don't let it be cancelled! If it is, let's all convince WB to bring it back, 'cause this show is so cool!

    Besides, Morris Day & Jerome (two of my favorite underappreciated, little-known 80's singers), are in that show! It's the first show with those two playing cartoon characters, something they've never ever done before!

    Not to mention Hedlok & Jerome are kick-bum villains!

    Please, for the love of Chili Sauce, we gotta bring this show back! Do it for Morris Day!

    The soapbox speech is over, but I will not relinquish in our fight for a worthy cartoon cause!
  • there arent enough words in the english langauge to describe my disgust

    the people who created this might of said
    #1:hey lets make a show that will appeal to lame little boys who like george michels
    #2:sounds good what should we call it
    #1: i don't know what is the dubest name you can think of
    #1:um how about static shock
    #2:no that wont do we already sole that show to wb
    #1:what abput yugi oh
    #2:sold it
    #1:okay then lets call it the "DA BOOM CREW"
    #2; sounds kinda black dont you think
    #1; yeah but little johhny will watch i guess
    #2:okay call the wb

    and thats how da boom crew came to be
  • This show rules.

    Im very angry very angry.why people hate this show this is a great show.Give this show a chance come on eveyone watch it you might like it.Im asking you please give it a try.The characters are Jubei,Justin,jerome,hedlok and nate.I know eveyone hates this show.But i bet in the future you will love it.

  • This is the worst crap Kids' WB ever bought!

    I bet your asking yourself, Why'd I watch that? It's crap! Kids' WB what were you thinking?!

    This show was very very stupid, these 4 kids go to galaxy to galaxy to collect 'Boom Cards'? What are Boom Cards? I know!, thier stupid! and they fight monsters? BORING! I mean why did Kids' WB buy this, why?!?! A waste of money if you ask me, don't buy no more episodes! WE WON'T WATCH THEM!
  • What in the world is this? Intergallactic vortex? World full of monsters like our Game? Gotta Collect the boom cards? Who? What? How? WHY!?

    So lets see here, four kids who form the boom crew made their own video game, and they save them on these Boom Cards, suddenly an intergallactic space vortex sucks them in and they end up in another galexy just like their video game, they must now collect their Boom Cards and restore peace to the universe.

    Most bland and unoriginal beginning to a series ever.

    There isn't even a full episode to explain all this or anything, it just starts out awful, the theme music is even pretty bad.

    Things are immensely unexplained and unoriginal anyway, no explaination could save this series, I mean, what caused the space vortex? Why is the galexy just like their video game? Why in the world do these Boom Cards need to be collected?
    Ok, so it does reveal later on that the Boom cards are throwing the planets out of whack but, WHY? Why do these cards with GAME DATA have such an adverse affect on an entire planet such as making huge monsters come out of no where?

    The characters are nothing special either, a Smart girl, a large white boy with all the moves, and two black kids who are brothers, there's seriously nothing special about them, no special powers, disformaties, curses, quirky personalities, they're just kids, let these kids can easily beat the stuffing out of all these giant monsters.

    Speaking of giant monsters the designs leave much to be desired, a lot of them have simple designs with little imagination, even for a game made by 4 kids. Usually it's like tall fat monster, tenticles, mostly one colour with glowly red eyes and some sharp teeth.

    The genre makes little sense too, it's like Hip Hop and Sci Fi mixed together, I've never heard of such a thing and I don't think it ever should've been done.

    As for villians, the main bad guy, also badly designed, doesn't do much, his accomplace does everything and you could swear there's some homosexual suggestions here, especially with his dinosauric partner and the way he's dressed, it could just be me, then it could be wrong to put this in a kids show.

    All in all, it is just a bad show, even when the first episode finishs they beat the bad guy, the main bad guy has a monologue ("I WILL succeed next time, yada yada") and then suddenly they're on another planet with an award ceremony being awarded with all sorts of things.

    Just be sure not to watch this garbage, seriously, they're showing it on UK Cartoon Network right now, hopefully not for long...
  • This is the worst show ever made!

    Horrible! This stinks!
    You on earth thought they would big with this, this, boring waste of time!
    I would rather watch the life and times of Junipeer lee then this!
    It is so boring!
    I hate shows that show a scence before the theme song.
    I can not belive I thought this would be great but why Cartoon Network UK, why show this stupid show crated by a stupid man/woman!
    Cancel! Cancel!
  • This show has just come out in the UK. When I saw the previews, I was genuinely excited here. *sigh* WHAT a waste of my energy that was.

    Don't think I didn't watch most of it. I stuck around for the whole episode, and it was TERRIBLE from the word go. I was hoping they'd have an episode, or heck, even HALF an episode build up to how they got marooned on this distant planet like their video game. Imagine my disappointment when it was "We created our own video game, that we played a lot. But one day, we were sucked into a space vortex, which took us to a planet identical to our video game!" That is the most BORING build up I've EVER heard. Next, the atmosphere. It doesn't feel like they're trying to save the planet at all. It's like they're on holiday. They aren't AT ALL worried that they're on a planet millions of light years away from theirs, possibly without good food or water. It's like they put no effort into it... and that's being generous. Avoid like death itself.
  • Such a horrid horrid show.

    This show has to be about the worse show ever on Kids WB. It's deeply horrid in how the animation is, how annoying the characters are, and just how dull the whole plot is. Whoever thought of this show must of really been on acid. I weep for Cartoon Newtork UK who recently acquired this show.
  • I need to know who thought of this...so I can hunt him down,and SHOOT HIM

    Now,I don't expect a lot from WB.It's a bad network in its own right.But THIS.Even I expect more from WB!Da boom crew is/WAS a show about kids trapped in a video game THEY created...I should just stop there.You should already KNOW why you shuold never watch it just from how the PLOT is described!It only lasted 3 or so weeks,and I don't think that's right.It should have lasted ONE!!!