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The WB (ended 2004)


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  • Have you ever watched a TV show that made a blood vessel pop? Well this show can do that to you.

    In the final years of Kids WB! it struggled with its programs. Most of the shows on there were terrible, and little ones that were good had a terrible time slot. So Kids WB! tried to get a new show that was supposed to be on Toon Disney, but Kids WB! got it instead, but this show only served to be another nail in the Kids WB! coffin. In Da Boom Crew it centers around a group of kids who get trapped in a video game world that they created. They have to go around and collect these cards called the Boom Cards since they are throwing the planets out of whack, and save the galaxy. Never heard of it? There are plenty of reasons you haven't. You know how most shows with a bad premise can somehow make it into a great premise? This is one of the rare shows where even the premise is so terrible and ridiculous that no person in the world can make it into a decent premise , not even Genndy Tartakovsky or Lauren Faust, and those are 2 of the best show creators ever. So aside from the abysmal premise this show is full of awful characters, terrible jokes, and stuff that makes absolutely no sense at all. Every character on this show is so stereotypical and is racist to the max. We just have a smart girl, fat boy, and 2 brothers. They are stereotypical wise cracking idiots who go on about hip hop and make jokes about it so much. Honestly did we need to reinforce racism even more with these characters at all?! Even the white kids go on about Hip Hop and "the street". The main villain and his assistant are just brain dead idiots and they are not threatening in the least bit. There are also so many things in this show that make no sense at all. For example the kids are sucked into a galaxy by this space vortex and the galaxy is like a video game. We are never told anything about where this vortex came from, who summoned them, or even why the galaxy is like the video game. Also how do Boom Cards control planets? You mean to tell me that a single card could allow you to control the planet? It's so confusing and nothing at all makes sense. At least Pokemon made some sense and there was some explanation to some things. Also the entire idea of a show that is both Sci-fi and Hip Hop combined together is so stupid and terrible. The artwork is terrible the characters have ugly designs to them, and even set designs look unoriginal. I swear one of the planets looked like Tatooine from Star Wars. There's no eye candy at all in this show at all. The animation is no better at all. It looks ugly and is choppy as well as stiff. The humor is awful and is noting but stupid gags or something related to hip hop. This show was bound to fail the moment it was aired, and no one should be subjugated to seeing this show at all not even your worst enemy. If you are one of those who missed this monstrosity consider yourself luck this show is nothing more than a laughingstock, but no one is laughing at all.