Da Boom Crew

The WB (ended 2004)


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    Let me try to review this steaming pile of dog poop. It. Sucks. And offensive. If I could, I'd give it a negative rating. The show's intro starts off with these middle class kids from the suburbs who apparently want to be all so ghetto and cool. They use stereotypical slang terms which haven't been said since the early 90s, interested in rap music, etc. They were creating a video game all willy nilly, which, is a problem in itself, since real video game development requires so much technology and labor.

    The characters include 2 African American kids (brothers?) who are probably from the suburbs and only want to be ghetto, a smart yet annoying white girl, and a fat kid who I think is multiracial, also probably from the suburbs and wants to be ghetto. None of the characters are bearable. The villians suck, and the whole plot is corny. Mixing sci fi and hip hop? Not gonna end well. Also, it is never explained why the kids are sucked into the parallel universe. The voice acting is bad, the animation and colors are not aesthetically pleasing, it really looks like a mix of Halo, Star Wars, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, and Bobby's World. What a terrible show.