Da Capo

Tokyo MX Premiered Jul 05, 2003 In Season





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  • A great anime, featuring a lot of cute female characters, and a forbidden love between brother and sister. A warning though, this anime might not be for you, if you're not a fan of the harem anime type.

    In my opinion, everything on Da Capo was great: the characters, the animation, the music, etc. And of course the story. I will try to explain the plot as good as possible, without actually spoiling the entire series for those who haven't seen it. The story takes place on Hatsune-jima, an island where the cherry trees bloom all throughout the year. Here most people have unique and weird powers. The main male character is Junichi Asakura, who has the power to see other people's dreams and to magically create sweets. He lives together with his adopted sister, Nemu, who secretly loves him. Junichi feels the same way about her, but their love is a forbidden one. Not only that, but most of the girls from their highschool are trying to "get" Junichi as well. The plot begins when Junichi's cousin and childhood friend, Sakura Yoshino returns to the island to make sure Junichi hasn't forgotten his promise. A promise he made when he was young and he has actually forgot. Sakura however hasn't and starts to show great affection towards Junichi, much to Nemu's dismay.
    From here and until the end, the story has lots of twists and turns, as Junichi tries to decide which girl is right for him.
    Over all, Da Capo is a great series, many have compared to Shuffle! (which I have not yet finished so I can't say if they're that similar or not), which will keep you entertained. This show might not be for everybody, because it is after all a harem anime, but a great one. So if you like this type of anime, you should definitely check Da Capo out.
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