Da Capo - Season 3

Tokyo MX Premiered Jul 05, 2003 In Season




Episode Guide

  • Wish Upon the Sakura's Smile
    News has spread throughout the school about Minatsu's expulsion. Trying to overturn the decision, all the students decide to boycott class untilt he decision is overturned. Though she is thankful to everyone, she doesn't want anyone to get in trouble and asks for only 3 more days of school. The staff gives her the three days and everyone returns to class. What will Minatsu do with her 3 days?moreless
  • Bridge to the Heart
    Bridge to the Heart
    Episode 12
    Worried about Koko, Sakurai is set on going to visit her, that is until he finds out someone has hidden her shoes. After noticing Maya, Sakurai gets into an argument with her, until her brother Yuuto shows up. Wanting to see his sister, he runs out into the road and right in front of a truck. Without hesitating Minatsu jumps in and sheilds him from harm. With her secret out, what will happen now, and will Maya see robots any different?moreless
  • Koko, Heart, Contrary
    With the rumors about Minatsu spread throughout the school, Sakurai asks everyone to leave everything involving her to him. Koko offers her assistance but he turns her down. Koko is even more saddened when Sakurai decides to take time off from the band. Unsure of what to do, Koko looks to Nanaka for guidence.moreless
  • Feelings Growing Hazy
    Back at school the rumors of Minatsu being a robot begin to spread. After breaking up many problems Otome faints from exaustion causing Yoshiyuki to return from his trip. After Otome is able to move around again, Yoshiyuki returns to the school to meet with Koko and to apologize to her as she is returning with everyone. Things don't work out as Koko refuses to speak to him. Is this the end of their relationship?moreless
  • Love Patterned Road to Japan
    On their class trip, Koko can't find the time to be alone with Yoshiyuki. Things don't get much better when the class representitive cause a problem when a Mu brings back a missing phone. Finally after getting some along time with Yoshiyuki, Koko invites him to a shrine alone the next day. Will Yoshiyuki go to the shrine with Koko, or will news from his sister cause him to change his plans?moreless
  • Bright Sunshine Time
    Yoshiyuki and the others decide to go shopping for the class trip along with Minatsu and Yume. After finshing their shopping, the group splits up with Yume and Minatsu. While the two are heading towards their destination a billboard suddenly falls and Minatsu gets crushed under it. Will this incident make Yoshiyuki reveal what Minatsu is to everyone?moreless
  • Sudden Storm
    Sudden Storm
    Episode 7
    As Yoshiyuki and Koko watch Nanaka reject another guy, Yoshiyuki wonders why Nanaka rejects them. Later on, Yoshiyuki notices some girl confronting Nanaka about the rejection and steps in to protect her. As Nanaka thanks him later, the two are photographed by someone and the photos are sent to Koko. Will this damage the friendship between her and Nanaka and her relationship with Yoshiyuki?moreless
  • I Hate Humans
    I Hate Humans
    Episode 6
    Yoshiyuki can't figure out why Minatsu gets along with everyone else except him. After finding out the contents of Minatsu secret notebook, Yoshiyuki uses the chance to blackmail Minatsu into hanging out with him after class. Will Yoshiyuki's plan, to get to know Minatsu better, work out?
  • 2cm Distance Remaning
    When Akane and Anzu find out Koko and Sakurai haven't been out on a date, they make it their mission to get them to go on one. After overhearing Akana and Anzu's conversation, Nanaka decides to get involved and makes it where Koko and Sakurai can go on a date. On the day of the date, the two are having a great time, but unknown to them, they are being spied on.moreless
  • In the Autumn Wind
    In the Autumn Wind
    Episode 4
    The day of the Athletic Festival has come and all guys are excited. Sakurai tries to spend some time with Koko so he can get to know her better. Things don't go the way Sakurai plans as constant interruptions keep causing him to be pulled away. Through all this Koko has something she wants to do with Sakurai.moreless
  • First Lesson
    First Lesson
    Episode 3
    On their way to class, Sakurai and Koko watch as Shirakawa Nanaka, the girl in the school that every guy would like to go out with, turn down another guy. Later after class Sakurai goes to watch Koko walks around the school looking for Koko and finds out that Koko and Nanaka are close friends. Not only that, but they and Wataru are in a band together. After listening to them practice, Sakurai notices they are missing a guitarist and reveals he can play the guitar. Will Sakurai join the band?moreless
  • Bananas and Humans
    Bananas and Humans
    Episode 2
    When Suginami is telling everyone about the mysterious places of the school, Sakurai inadvertently mentions the hidden stairs in the principles office. Surprised, Suginami drags Sakurai to the principles office to find the stairs. After going down them, they find a girl in a capsule. Sakurai accidently presses a red button setting off an alarm and waking the girl. Who is this mysterious girl?moreless
  • The Season of Small Love
    After waking up from a strange dream of a girl confessing to him, Sakurai Yoshiyuki realizes he is late. After nearly running over his sister, Yoshiyuki finally makes it to school. During this time a cultural festival is starting at the school and Yoshiyuki and his friends, including his childhood friend Tsukishima Koko, decide to walk around together. Unknown to Yoshiyuki, his dream may actually become reality.moreless