da Kink in my Hair

Global Premiered Oct 14, 2007 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • Empty Bag Can't Stand Up
    • Chicken
      Episode 3
      It's the hottest day of the year - in Toronto, and in the shop. Caribana has filled the city with exciting visitors and sexy festivities. Everyone's off to the parties - all except Starr, that is. The shop is bustling with activity and pulsing with music, except the air conditioner is on the fritz again and Richard, the attractive father of a young new client, is only too happy to stay behind to fix it for Novelette. Joy enlists Dre to help sell her famous Jerk Chicken at the festival but runs into some trouble when she's caught without a license.moreless
    • Fass & Facety
      Fass & Facety
      Episode 2
      When Joy turns a staid, older woman's hair into an outrageous dance-hall style, Novelette admonishes her staff and allows Starr to try her hand at fixing the 'do, much to Joy's chagrin. Joy and Starr continue to clash, which results in Novelette buying ugly smocks for them to wear at work. Meanwhile, Dre is teased mercilessly by a beautiful girl for wearing "church shoes"; Novelette finally caves in and gives him money for expensive name-brand sneakers.moreless
    • Rules Are Made...
      It’s a Saturday – one of the busiest days in the salon and Novelette discovers that Joy hasn’t filled in the appointment book. Everyone is surprised when a high class wedding party arrives unannounced and the snooty mother of the bride, Ms. Mavis, expects preferential treatment. Novelette faces an uphill battle to make a good impression – but when Dre goes upstairs with Ms. Mavis’ youngest daughter, it’s the final straw. In the sub-plot, two sisters, Sandy and Nia, finally team up against their controlling mother, Ms. Mavis, over Nia’s wedding day hairstyle.moreless
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