How great is this show!?!

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    I'd love to start discussing this show as it's running on WGN M-F with anyone else who is watching it. 

    I've seen episodes 51-finale and eps 1-about 5 now. 

    Things I notice, now that I'm familiar with the cast and plot lines later on in the last few seasons:  A lot of actors who had 1 episode guest shots, come back later in the show as different full time characters.  I find myself recognizing them almost on a daily basis.

    Like Sgt Kurtz, she was a hooker in the first few eps.  The black constable female cop (not Rose) was also a hooker.  The recent workman's comp guy was in season 8 as a bad guy.

    It's just nice to know that good talent is recognized up there in Canada.

    I love Nicholas Campbell, he is such a good actor, that I forget I'm watching a show. The entire cast works so well together and shows the real human side of life that most shows don't deal with in a realistic manner. 

    Anybody else have comments?

    Have a great day

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    I only get the repeats here in the new york area . late on a Saturday night . i record it ,,then watch the next day . i really like the show... i also get Cold Squad and Stone Undercover While i like them . Da Vinci is my favorite followed by Cold Squad
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    The program is on CBS here in Los Angeles *very* early Sunday morning, 1:30 a.m. The TV Guide program does not call it City Hall, but continues to label this as Da Vinci's Inquest.
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    My DVR crashed and didn't record this week's Da Vinci's City Hall (series finale) episode "The Dogs in Sympathy With the Cats". Is anyone with it recorded willing to burn a stranger a DVD (or even videotape). I'd be glad to pay postage.

    Unfortunately my cable system, Time Warner in NYC, doesn't have WGN, so I can't even get it from there despite its airing several hours after I write this email. And I found out about the DVR blip too late to shamelessly call all of my friends to find one with WGN.

    Here's hoping a fellow fan will come through for me. Please.


    Hells Kitchen, NYC

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