Da Vinci’s City Hall - Season 1

CBC (ended 2006)


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  • The Quality of Life: A Dominic Da Vinci Movie
    During a big city mayors' conference, Da Vinci learns that one of his guests has become a key witness and possible suspect in a murder case that occured after a political soirée (and its following private sex-party). Da Vinci is then pulled further into the case when a media magnate and his wife engineer an elaborate cover-up.moreless
  • The Dogs in Sympathy With the Cats
    The Crown tries to negotiate with suspects as the police and fire unions get closer to a full scale war. Meanwhile, Da Vinci tries to do some quality control within his own departments, but when two of his staff decide to become independents over the red light zone, he realises his majority is becoming a minority Ferris is encouraged to take the fall for the grow-op scandal.moreless
  • Bumped From the Ball
    The police and fire unions unite against cross-training. Meanwhile, investigators search the Mayor's offices for evidence that Da Vinci over-stepped his authority in his dealings with the police chief.
  • A Few Good Bites Before They Slap Me Down
    Da Vinci learns he's being investigated by the Solicitor General. Meanwhile, Leary raids the Century Club; Lloyd Manning reveals he has proof that a competitor bribed a city councilor to win a coveted ad contract.
  • When the Horsemen Come Looking
    Da Vinci gathers evidence against Chief Jacobs. Meanwhile, Zack and Friedland confront one another on their true identities; when the RCMP come in to investigate Jacobs covertly tells his staff to not cooperate.
  • Gotta Press the Flesh
    A teenager is implicated in the gay-bashing incidents. Meanwhile, Da Vinci pulls out all the stops to bring down Jacobs as well as to have a meeting with the Prime Minister; the red light zone is at the center of a murder controversy during a very inopportune time; Leary discovers the pedophile ring is still active.moreless
  • Gonna Cause A Ruckus
    Continued investigations into Tremaine's death creates suspicion that Fire and Rescue may have been ultimately responsible. Meanwhile, Chief Jacobs' investigation of Leary's pedophile case complicates things; Da Vinci's schedules the votes for slots for the next council meeting.
  • Ready To Call In The Horses
    Da Vinci plans to pay for extra staff on the police force using the revenue from the slot machines.
  • You Have to Bleed a Little
    Da Vinci finds himself in the middle of a union war. Meanwhile, Leary continues investigating the pedophile ring, and when he comes up with a familiar name, takes it to Kosmo and Finn.
  • Put Down the Hose, Pick Up a Gun
    Constable Tremaine dies in the grow-op bust because the cops were trying to bust down a door that opens out and things go from bad to worse when Jan Ferris tells her lawyer that she saw a fire inspection notice at the grow-op that tipped off the sitter to the upcoming raid. Meanwhile, thanks to Klotchko's continuing manipulations on Jacobs' behalf, Da Vinci faces opposition from both the city and the firefighters on the new cross-training plan; Leary gets a lead in the pedophile ring when Clarke Messner points the finger at Dubreau, a hotel owner they were looking at.moreless
  • One Man, Two Jobs
    One Man, Two Jobs
    Episode 4
    Da Vinci is pleased to learn that a fire captain, Roy Komori, has been rousting grow-ops by giving out fire inspection notices and wants to implement the idea across the board, but Jacobs again goes behind his back to sabotage his efforts. Leary follows the pedophile ring's trail to a radio host who has since passed on, but his daughter has some valuable information for him. The red zone seems to be working until the wrong person hears some confidential information. Kosmo and Finn wonder if the victim of the drive-by shootings was a case of mistaken identity.moreless
  • Isn't Very Pretty But You Can Smoke It
    Leary gets more information on the pedophilia ring, and learns that his key witness was a member of the ring. Jacobs is furious when he catches wind of Da Vinci's plan to institute a red light zone, and he and Klotchko partner up to bring the mayor down. Finn and Kosmo investigate two linked shootings -- that of a schoolteacher, and then that of an Indo gang member close by. Ferris gets herself on the wrong side of the firemen after they unknowingly interfere in a grow-op bust. Da Vinci spends the night at Billie Simms' party, not realising that Zack is trying to contact him regarding the raid on the squatters.moreless
  • Cat in a Tree, Lunatic in the Street
    Zack continues to infiltrate the squatters, and learns of their new plans to make a stand against the city. Da Vinci continues his quest to get slot machines installed at the tracks and elicits the help of the city council worker believed to have blown Manning's ad contract. Mick proves that the bones of two young boys belonged to two missing aboriginal boys believed to have been in the sex trade.moreless
  • Zero to Sixty Pretty Quick
    Da Vinci starts his term as mayor with two homicides waiting to be handled -- an apparent gay-bashing death in Stanley Park, and the shooting death of a mental patient. Da Vinci has his hands full trying to deal with a number of squatters that Jacobs is trying to roust, then learns that Lloyd Manning, a new friend who was preparing to buy the racetrack, has lost an advertising deal because of a leak at City Hall. Meanwhile, Angie and Joe investigate the police-shooting death of a mental patient.moreless