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AIRED ON 5/31/2014

Season 2 : Episode 10

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A historical fantasy that tells the story of the great genius in his youth. Join a twenty-five-year-old Leonardo as he takes on Renaissance Florence, with a life full of art, invention, sword fights, love and excitement.

Tom Riley

Tom Riley

Leonardo da Vinci

Laura Haddock

Laura Haddock

Lucrezia Donati

Blake Ritson

Blake Ritson

Count Girolamo Riario

Elliot Cowan

Elliot Cowan

Lorenzo de' Medici

Lara Pulver

Lara Pulver

Clarice Orsini

James Faulkner

James Faulkner

Pope Sixtus IV

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  • What is this ?

    This has nothing to do with the historical Da Vinci I realise that a series like this must attract a great audience But this is a travesty . I love the renaissance with a passion But this ? Da Vinci was a genius and their is no need to make a kind of Disney character out of him It is shameful television and does no credit at all to the * real* de Vinci ! I hope young people in this day and age still READ good books to see what is true and what is not I don't mind a bit of glamour in history series but this is pure distortion of the life of a man who is dead and therefore can be miss usedmoreless
  • good imagination but highly distorted fact's

    if you want to see fantasy here it is

    you are going to love it i guarantee you i like it more if they doesn't relate it to lenardo because other than name of vinchi nothing is fact based all are just imagination and highly distorted fact

    but i love to watch it as a pure fantasy
  • Suspend disbelief :D

    I hear you LOL, but if you want to enjoy the show you ought to suspend disbelief just a little.

    When Lucrezia reaches the outskirts of Constantinoples you can see in the distance the silhouette of the Blue Mosque, which unfortunately for historical accuracy, was built between 1606 and 1616, almost a century after the events of DVD take place.

    Another example: after the congiura of the Pazzi, it was not Lorenzo who travelled to Naples to make peace with duke Alfonso, but a party of artists and architects.

    The show is good, it doesn't claim to be an historical reconstruction, who cares about the details...moreless
  • How the hell did they get to Peru?

    HI, I love the show, but I just saw the last episode (spoiler alert) when they get to the New World, and I was very confused when the Inca references became obvious. How the hell could they have gotten to Peru? It's on the Pacific side of South America! Are we suppose to believe that they made it all the way pass Cape Horn to get to Peru? I say that because I recently learned in class what a effing hell Pizarro went trough to discover the Incas in the first place. The show is amazing, but sometimes it's a bit improbable. Though I suppose that is part of its charm.moreless
  • I'm in love!

    This show is such a breathe of fresh air! I see some find the motives of characters confusing but I think it speaks honestly to the time period, when motivations were much different than they are today. Lorenzo likes and admires Leonardo and wants to be his patron but when the needs of Florence are at risk, Lorenzo will always choose Florence.

    The writers are doing a good job of following the history of the characters with the exception of Da Vinci but there are long periods of his life that are not documented so artistic license is reasonable for the needs of plot. He is known to have traveled extensively but I've never heard of him traveling to the New World. It will be fun to see what happens next. That's the key, each week I can't wait till the next episode so the show is doing its job!moreless

    Starz Renews Da Vinci's Demons for Season 3, With a New Showrunner

    John Shiban, a former staff writer on The X-Files, will join the show as executive producer and showrunner, replacing series creator David S. Goyer.


    Da Vinci's Demons Exclusive Clip: Respect Means Letting Other People Brush Your Hair (VIDEO)

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