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  • When Is Season 3 going to start

    It has been more than a year now and still no official word from STARZ when season 3 will start. There was the teaser that was out in youtube in April and no word since. Really, what is holding it up.

    This is almost as bad as waiting for the return of Sherlock which also takes more than a year for only three episodes.
  • Season 3 starts in

    I wish it would start June 12th, but other sources say:

    2015-08-30 (returndates com)

    2015-08-15 (epguides com)
  • Season 3 starts in June.

    For those interested, Season 3 set to premier June 12 2015.
  • I don't mind....

    I don't mind that they all speak with a British accent, but I do mind they all mispronounce the name De Medici. Italians pronounce it Dee-Med-E-Chee and not Meh-DEE-Chee, skipping the De part. Small detail except they are known historically by almost all italians. You can spend a day in Florence without being immersed in that family history.

    Yeah the history is wacky but it has been impetus for me to look things up. The Pazzi rebellion happened. Such a crazy family that the name Pazzi became synonymous for Insanity in Italian. To be 'Pazzi' is to be crazy!
  • Has a slow start.. But its just WOW!!

    Though it has a slow start, the subsequent episodes created an incessant interest in all its viewers. But in the last episodes of season 1 and the start of season 2, there is a chance of suspecting the profoundity of DaVinci. The elemental surprise at the cease of season 2 is fantabulous.
  • British Italians and Da Vinci

    The show itself is not bad, I just can't get passed the fact that everyone in Italy or that is supposed to be Italian speaks with a British accent. Also it takes a lot of creative leeway with what Da Vinci actually did and didn't do. But they add sex and violence in hopes that it will be entertaining. Overall I am very disappointed in this show, considering how great it could have been. Still this is par for the course for Starz, they seem to take good ideas and warp them into decent or bad shows.
  • Amazing Show

    I'll be completely honest, I know very little about Leonardo Da Vinci; I mean, I can tell you that I know he was an artist who also devised amazing engineering designs but, then again, who doesn't know that?

    As for the show, I think it's absolutely brilliant. The story is fun, intriguing, and captivating. Great choices for a professional cast. Well done and keep up the good work.

    Two seasons so far and I'm definitely looking forward to what's coming up next.
  • New Daemons!

    Interesting show! It has lots of historical inconsistencies, but overall it's very enjoyable and entertaining show! It's well scripted, has nice visuals and well performed! Very Good Production!
  • Bravo!

    Bravo to the creative team for taking what many seem to consider license with history to explore the Hidden (Occult) history that is beyond even most scholars. Not everyone is satisfied with the thin, dry onion skin of history, some of us prefer the depths where life dwells full, rich and ready to sprout anew.

    As with Leonardo's incredible legacy of art and engineering masterpieces, symbolism is incredibly important, in fact a language all its own. Artists, Mystics and the Mysteries they explore are teaming with such symbols for they convey ideas and experiences that cannot fully be described by words or even the arts. Experiential knowledge, or gnosis is the only true path to understanding such mysteries.

    Those familiar with the Green Language, its related symbolism and history of the Western Mystery Traditions should find the story arcs, mythos and characters a wonderful and entertaining diversion. And there is plenty of wonderful entertainment for those who cannot see beyond the papery skin.
  • Willingly suspended disbelief

    It takes a sense of humour to be able to watch this fantastical and phantasmagorical oeurve, which I am doing with great relish. Knowing Renaissance history makes the experience so much more entertaining. It is utterly outlandish, yet contains just enough historical details to make it quasi-believable. The historians might groan and gasp and turn off the TV in disgust but others laugh. For example, Leonardo's little buddy, Nico, turns out to be, of course, the future author of "Il Principe," none other than Machiavelli himself, who actually would have been only 9 years old at the time he is depicted alongside the maestro. Anachronisms abound, such as when Nico says "Potatoes have Potatoes were introduced to Europe after the discovery of the New World. I plan to continue watching the series, happily anticipating more and weirder plot twists in the hysterical adventures of Leonardo da Vinci and company.
  • Great Entertainment!

    I started watching this after seeing that Starz was making it, after the first episode i was hooked, My partner decided to watch it with me next time and became hooked instantly as well.

    This series is a great example of immerse television. It may not be historical accurate in everyday, but it makes up for it with its genius display of his ability to unlock secrets.

    A Must watch!
  • What is this ?

    This has nothing to do with the historical Da Vinci I realise that a series like this must attract a great audience But this is a travesty . I love the renaissance with a passion But this ? Da Vinci was a genius and their is no need to make a kind of Disney character out of him It is shameful television and does no credit at all to the * real* de Vinci ! I hope young people in this day and age still READ good books to see what is true and what is not I don't mind a bit of glamour in history series but this is pure distortion of the life of a man who is dead and therefore can be miss used
  • good imagination but highly distorted fact's

    if you want to see fantasy here it is

    you are going to love it i guarantee you i like it more if they doesn't relate it to lenardo because other than name of vinchi nothing is fact based all are just imagination and highly distorted fact

    but i love to watch it as a pure fantasy
  • Suspend disbelief :D

    I hear you LOL, but if you want to enjoy the show you ought to suspend disbelief just a little.

    When Lucrezia reaches the outskirts of Constantinoples you can see in the distance the silhouette of the Blue Mosque, which unfortunately for historical accuracy, was built between 1606 and 1616, almost a century after the events of DVD take place.

    Another example: after the congiura of the Pazzi, it was not Lorenzo who travelled to Naples to make peace with duke Alfonso, but a party of artists and architects.

    The show is good, it doesn't claim to be an historical reconstruction, who cares about the details...
  • How the hell did they get to Peru?

    HI, I love the show, but I just saw the last episode (spoiler alert) when they get to the New World, and I was very confused when the Inca references became obvious. How the hell could they have gotten to Peru? It's on the Pacific side of South America! Are we suppose to believe that they made it all the way pass Cape Horn to get to Peru? I say that because I recently learned in class what a effing hell Pizarro went trough to discover the Incas in the first place. The show is amazing, but sometimes it's a bit improbable. Though I suppose that is part of its charm.
  • I'm in love!

    This show is such a breathe of fresh air! I see some find the motives of characters confusing but I think it speaks honestly to the time period, when motivations were much different than they are today. Lorenzo likes and admires Leonardo and wants to be his patron but when the needs of Florence are at risk, Lorenzo will always choose Florence.

    The writers are doing a good job of following the history of the characters with the exception of Da Vinci but there are long periods of his life that are not documented so artistic license is reasonable for the needs of plot. He is known to have traveled extensively but I've never heard of him traveling to the New World. It will be fun to see what happens next. That's the key, each week I can't wait till the next episode so the show is doing its job!
  • So confused

    Well, I like Laura Haddock, but what the hell with director and writer when they building character like Lucrezia Donati !???

    She's just so confused, so complex, so selfish, just like they trying to made a angel and a whore in same person ... it's so confusion ...

    Lorenzo speak to Leonardo: "you're only one can made weapon to protect Florence", and yet, when Leonardo save his life and want a favor like a ship and some money to start his journey, Lorenzo refused him very quick ...

    He was adultery with a whore and he just want kill a man who save his life because he also f*ck that whore ...

    It's so confusion with these action ...

    That triangle love is just so freak to understand
  • so happy season 2 is FINALLY here!!!

    i can't get enough of this show!!! the acting is great and the story line is awesome!!! i hate waiting a whole week to find out whats gonna happen next!!!
  • Torturous

    The most distressing and endless anticipation for season 2 ever. Leonardo is back, thank God!
  • Unbelieving

    perfect. it is absolutely brilliant, the idea, the acting, the character, i wish i had actually lived to see Da Vinci himself
  • Amazing!

    This series was beautifully done. I am absolutely, unequivocally, and irrationally in love with Leo. The man who plays Leo, Tom Riley, is quite talented, and very impressive. The fact that he learned to be ambidextrous for this roll, proves his dedication, as well as his skill. He also has this rough, sexy appeal, that makes his character that much more intriguing. Also, very fun to watch. His portrayal of Leo is, fresh, fun, and incredibly exciting.

    I enjoy the little known facts about Leonardo Da'Vinci, that are written into the drama. Also, the cheeky humor, and the slight supernatural flare that accompany it all. I think this series is smart, fresh, and very enticing . I am glad that I gave it a chance. I was opposed to it at first, thinking it to be a historical production. Which, there is truth to some of the bits about Leo, weaved into the fiction. I believe that is what gives this series the unique quality that keeps me watching, as well as others.

    I am very, very overjoyed, that Starz will be presenting a second season. My impatience and anticipation are elevated to the point of insanity. Spring seems like an eternity to wait, but the promise of more, and past episodes, will help ease the madness.

    I would recommended this series to anyone who enjoys history that has been fictionalized, and has intrest in Leonardo Da'Vinci as a young man. I say this again, it is fiction, with some truths. It is meant for entertainment. I love this show!
  • Love it!

    Can't wait for season 2!

    @ onlydutch goed gezegd ;)
  • super show

    what a great show this is, have seen the first 4 eps in 1 row, also historical is it good worked out.

    good job please season 2.

    from the netherlands

  • Best Show Ever!

    This show is amazing everything is just right! I can't wait for season 2 it has to come out already! Da Vinci's Demons shows how advance was Leo back then for his time. He always finds a way. I'm so fascinated with this show! Please keep making more!

    Hope we get more than 8 episodes next season. was kinda like "That's it" waiting for the next episode
  • I'm in lust with Leo

    Wow, I love this show. I really bloody-well love it. I can't wait for season 2. Even though he's not your typical hot as hell lead, Leo melts me. I don't even know what it is about his character, but I found myself swooning, God even I can't believe I just said that. I also found myself really invested in other characters too. When awful things happened to some characters towards the end of season 1, I was really cut & actually yelled at the tv, "nnnoooooooo". It's on my must watch radar for season 2. Must, must, must watch
  • Best Show ever

    great acting, a bit raunchy and full on action packed, with scandel and love. fighting and killing. love this show, one of the best tv series released this year!
  • Fab Show

    OMG, how good is this show! It's very well written, comedy and drama all rolled into one. I love it.
  • Did Da'Vinci invented hair gel?

    Hey guys, seriously in that historical age, the main actor is the only one there with hair gel..... looks sooooo freaking stupid to me..... i mean come on guys really, hair gel for the main actor?... The show and the story is awesome and interesting but i cant dig the main actor cause of the hair gel ^^, i know you wanted to make him look appart of all others and give him a sense of "something else" but deffinetly not by using hair gel..... its lame, you shoud lose the gel....
  • Holy shit, this show is hilarious!

    When I saw the previews for this show I thought it would be kind of a historical, slightly supernatural, drama that may or may not be interesting depending on how well it was acted. Boy was I wrong. This show is certainly a drama, but there is some awesome comedy in here as well. If you want historical accuracy, look elsewhere, because this has nothing to do with the actual life and times of Leo Da Vinci. On the other hand, if you like a bit of action and goofiness in your historical dramas, you'll like this. This might sound weird, but in some ways the vibe of this show reminds me a bit of the Robin Hood with Jonas Armstrong in it. Which was also an awesome show, btw.

    The characters are interesting: Leonardo is quirky and utterly bonkers, but in an endearing, not tiresome, way. Initially I thought Lorenzo would just be a foil for Leo to show off his genius, but the character is actually interesting in his own right. Lucrezia is not as well developed as she could be, but I think the show is working its way up to something with her, and at the very least she's not just a pretty face.

    The other thing that I like about this show is that it doesn't try to force supernatural stuff into the episodes. Every once in a while we get weird visions or whatever, but by and large it has very little to do with what's going on in Florence, and it's always accompanied by sleep-deprivation or drugs, so there's not necessarily anything truly supernatural about it. His "demons" are more metaphorical than literal, and in this particular case I like it that way.
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