Da Vinci's Inquest

CBC (ended 2005)





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  • A cop's "cop show" although the lead character is the coroner Dominic Da Vinci. It's gritty, realistic, funny as hell, while being sad on many levels as the coroner & Police Officers make their way through some very dark realities, but always with heart.

    This show has the ability to pull a viewer in, even without a lot of the backstory if you enter during a later season.
    If you're a fan of slick "Hollywood" everything-is-tied-up-neatly-with-a-bow at the end of the show...


    if you think great crime drama is watching cleavage bulging women, wearing $500 pairs of designer shoes on lovely young investigators traipsing around crime scenes... then for God's sake don't watch this show or buy the DVD's!

    DaVinci's Inquest is one of those rare gems that speaks volumes to the viewers. You can't watch this show and not feel something, some emotion.

    The main characters are layer upon layer of actual people, with real people's problems, personalities, stupidity, humor and more.

    The writing and storylines are intricate and complex. But often glaringly basic. Just like any person's daily life. Some issues are resolved over many episodes, some in one, some... ongoing.

    All the while, you just get so immersed in the stories and the characters they make you feel like they could live next door to you!

    The actors; Nicholas Campbell, Donnelly Rhodes, Venus Terzo, Ian Tracy and so many others take the astonishing writing of series creator Chris Haddock and make indelible marks as some of the best character portrayals you could ever hope to see.

    This show has everything that American crime dramas don't... realism, episodes about people who's lives will never be the same, those that will probably never rise any higher than the street life, as well as those that are heading to that level from high up above.

    In a word, this series is "Classic"