Da Vinci's Inquest - Season 7

CBC (ended 2005)




Episode Guide

  • Must Be A Night For Fires
    Da Vinci gathers his political allies hoping to emerge as a front-runner for mayor. Meanwhile, Leary races to arrest Will's murderer before the DEA can slip him across the border, and a body in a burned-out car and an arson fire at Kosmo's house may be ominously connected.
  • Before They Twist The Knife
    A decision from the Mayor and a fatality at the safe injection site bring Da Vinci's political future into focus. Meanwhile, despite being demoted to robbery, Kosmo is happy to learn the Crown is investigating Brian's policework, and Leary catches a break when a potential witness to Will's murder comes forward.moreless
  • A Delicate Bloodbath
    Da Vinci manipulates both sides in the upcoming race to his own advantage. Meanwhile, Brian and Rose investigate the suspicious suicide of a key witness.
  • Ride A Crippled Horse
    Da Vinci investigates a body in the sewer. Meanwhile, Brian accompanies Rose on a homicide case, and Kosmo is troubled by a witness from the past, at the same time that Shannon, while moonlighting as a hotel security guard, discovers some dirt.
  • Better Go Herd Your Ducks
    Da Vinci is up to his eyeballs when the media learns of the mayor's involvement in the hit-and-run, at the same time the wife of a dead longshoreman insists her husband was killed by his co-workers. Meanwhile, Leary uncovers a possible Russian connection in the murder of his childhood friend.
  • The Ol' Coco Bop
    The Ol' Coco Bop
    Episode 8
    Da Vinci must get the support of the mayor and police for his red light district proposal. Meanwhile, Sue is secretly interrogated by Internal Affairs and Angela desperately tries to get her.
  • First The Seducing Then The Screwing
    Da Vinci discovers he's the target of a private investigation. Meanwhile, Brian further implicates Sue in the murder of one of his informants.
  • You Promised Me A Celebrity
    While Da Vinci remains at odds with the Mayor and Police Chief he attracts attention from Ottawa. Meanwhile, Leary and Kosmo discover that a murdered drug runner was under police surveillance and Shannon's reaction to a personal loss puts his job in jeopardy.
  • That's Why They Call It A Conspiracy
    Da Vinci begins to suspect that a widespread conspiracy is protecting the Mayor in the hit-and-run investigation. Meanwhile, a murdered drug runner turns out to be a childhood friend of Leary's and Kosmo's relationship with Sue attracts the attention of Internal Affairs.
  • Mr. Ellis Himself Woulda Been Proud
    The Mayor & the new Police Chief stand in the way of Da Vinci and his on-going investigations of a hit-and-run and a police beating. Meanwhile, Kosmo is investigated by Internal Affairs and Shannon & Rose work the case of a mummified baby found in a dumpster.
  • That Sounds Like What We Call A Mutiny
    Da Vinci investigates a death among the mutinous crew of a Chinese freighter. Meanwhile, Kosmo and Leary delve deeper into the police beating of a young drug dealer.
  • Wash the Blood Out of the Ring
    Da Vinci investigates the death of man who fell off the roof of his apartment building while attempting to steal cable. Meanwhile Kosmo and Leary uncover a witness in the police beating of a young drug dealer. Later, Zack and Da Vinci uncover some startling news about the mayor.
  • Not So Pretty Now
    Not So Pretty Now
    Episode 1
    Da Vinci investigates a hit-and-run involving the mayor's car. Meanwhile, Leary & Kosmo looks into the suspicious beating death of a drug dealer.