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  • Season 2
    • Tender Is the Night Out
      Chris and Linda plan a romantic night out for their anniversary, only to discover, when their children and friends begin to arrive, that they'd rather spend their special night with them.
    • To Kill a Rocking Band
      Linda, Shannon and Barb worry they are growing apart. Max and his friends start a band.
    • A Christmas Quarrel
      Chris is determined to bring back the magic of Christmas this year. However, he is so wrapped up in preparations that he runs the risk of spoiling it for everyone.
    • The Big Sleepover
      The Big Sleepover
      Episode 10
      Shannon finds herself at the butt of a practical joke, but her real friends help her get the better of the cruel jokers.
    • A Confederacy of Daddies
      Chris finds another man who'll join the mothers' group - but Richard turns out not to be a dad after all. He's just using the group to pick up women!
    • Of Mice and Math
      Of Mice and Math
      Episode 8
      Both the kids are having problems at school but Chris discovers their versions of events are not necessarily true.
    • A Tale of Two Daddies
      Chris's Dad is coming to visit, and Chris is desperate for his approval. Dad is old-fashioned and they can't stop arguing, so must agree to differ.
    • Gone with the 'Ween
      Shannon turns 13 on Halloween and Chris is stunned to learn that she is planning to go to a friend's house for a surprise party instead of the elaborate event he has planned for her. Meanwhile, Linda helps Jake turn the tables on the candy-swindling Max, and the subject of priorities causes friction when Linda is hesitant to ask her boss for time off for her family.moreless
    • Rod's Head Revisited
      Chris worries that Rod's attempts to expand his business will end in failure, but finds himself owing his friend an apology.
    • Remains of the Day Off
      Seeing that Chris is exhausted from the daily grind of child care, Linda tries to give him a day off by taking the children to the beach, but she ends up stuck in traffic, and he ends up trying to recapture his youth by racing toy cars instead of golfing with Rod and Bobick.moreless
    • For Whom the School Bell Tolls
      Max has second thoughts about starting middle school; Shannon has fashion concerns; Jake worries about kindergarten.
    • Pride and Pregnancy
      Because Chris is out of town on business, Holly chooses Barb as her birth coach instead of Chris. When Chris comes home he is shocked and disappointed but later on he finds out that Holly choose Barb just to shout abuse at her while she was giving birth.
    • The Last Temptation of Chris
      Chris and Bobick's childish but heated rivalry takes a turn for the worse when Rod discovers that the property line needs to be moved further into Bobick's side. But when Bobick tries to gain sympathy by acting like the perfect neighbor, Chris begins the battle of who can be nicer. Meanwhile, Max and Shannon fight over where the family will take their next vacation.moreless
  • Season 1