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  • Almost funny, but why should I care?

    The recipe for good comedy:

    1. funny jokes - some

    2. ridiculous situations some

    3. simple storyline you can't milk same cow forever

    4. characters to care about No, I don't give a damn about

    In conclusion don't waste time on this.

  • Looking forward for season 2

    I love this show.
  • is not that bad, but not the best

    Definetely i like this show, dont know why people hate it so much, it has a good plot and characters are funny, actors are also good and has lot of funny jokes, definetely is better than other shows around and deserves a chance.
  • Great show

    Love this show, keep it going
  • Yes! I love this show!!

    Why does this show always make me almost died laughing? Great cast, funny stories and crazy gags make a perfect mix. Don't judge it by one or two episodes and if you haven't seen it yet please give it a try.
  • BRAVO!

    BRAVO! A-10/V-10 THANK YOU!

    love this show! VERY HILARIOUS. I think the show is excellently funny!
  • Good dialog, Bad plots.

    The characters are good, the actors are good, the jokes are over the top, but good. The episode plots, not so much. The wife makes out with the father and the husband is the jerk for not being cool with it? Come on.

    The wife wants to do more stuff with her husband so she insists that her husband team-up with her for a video game tennis tournament instead of his best friend? Despite the fact that the tow have been looking forward to it forever and the that she's not even good at the game. She could have picked literally ANYTHING else to do with her husband, but picks that instead. It doesn't make sense.

    The last episode, Eli and Warner are caught "abusing" their elderly fathers by the police. I'm pretty sure you'd get into a bit more trouble than they did if start beating up old people.

    Anyway, my point is that the show has good potential, but unless they get the plots figured out, it's not gonna end well. I'm giving it a hopeful 7/10, because I still enjoy this show and want to see it do well.
  • I don't get why people Hate this show?!

    Take my advice, sometimes you just got to sit back, watch, and turn off that side of your brain that dwells of the controversial themes and issues you come across everyday..

    Just enjoy this show!!

    The plot line isn't boring, and that's saying a lot considering some comedies are just repetitive & predictable..

    Yes, its a Little Rude and Maybe a tad Racist. But after watching my Asian friend laugh at a racist joke about Asians, you gotta wonder.. Sometimes its okay to laugh at yourselves..

    Not to mention, they have an awesome cast and honestly it looks like they have chemistry that gels perfectly..

    I'm pretty sure keeping up with this show will ultimately bring more and more laughs..
  • Foul Play S01E07-Hilarious!!

    I really had no hope for this show before the last episode. But I don't think I could have laughed any harder thanks to the last episode. Actually I didn't laugh like that at any comedy series this season yet. And that is saying a lot. I really hope that they continue on this direction.

    A cast this talented should have a good run.
  • INCEST is the new societal code??

    did that just happen?? Did they show the wife kissing her father-in-law and IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE OK??? Infact it was supposed to be great?? And the Husband was the jerk for protesting?? Being a feminist, that was highly offensive! I can't believe that was allowed to be aired on broadcast tv as something that we should all support!!!! I am not a fan of animation but if this is the kind of stuff they are showing there, then I am glad I havent watched any of it!
  • Purposefully bad??

    Not only is Seth Macfarlane involved in this, but I noticed when watching the credits Ian Maxtone-Graham and Mike Scully (Simpsons alumni) amongst others. The shows they have all worked on previously were all heavy on parody and this show feels like one long rip on conventional sit-coms. The ridiculously hysterical laughter after every line of the opening scene of episode 2, the attractive girl in some contrived way getting dressed up in a costume, the cliched stoner jokes in episode 2, are just a few examples of such derivative, lazy writing and production that I can't believe these guys would do any of this unless it was intentional.

    The very conceit of the show- the whole Dads moving in with their families and being out of touch etc, is so old, and the office scenes with the two guys at the desks and a character such as Brenda Song's will walk in to the middle of the room and face foward and talk to them- it's just so staged and obviously theatrical. Even similar conventional sit-coms like The Big Bang Theory aren't quite this clunky with the staging. I honestly believe now this is one big "in joke" from the producers, but either way it is terrible and deserves all the criticism coming its way
  • Canned Laughter...

    next !
  • One of the few comedies worth watching!!

    This show is getting better and better!!! I think that everyone who dislikes this show has forgotten what real comedy is about!!!

    Noble Eskimo We Stole Your Snow!!!
  • It was actually good

    I thought this show would be terrible but I actually liked it. It has a great cast and funny jokes. Can't wait till the next episode
  • That was tough

    Tough to watch. I forced myself to laugh because I really want to like this show. You put together Seth Green who is funnier as a cartoon voice; Giovanni Ribisi, who normally plays serious role, and then everyone else I don't recognize. Add a laugh track (really?) . I will give it a second try and maybe a third.
  • *Insert face of horror here*

    I have to say, I don't like to judge things by the reviews, but for once, I wish I had. I decided to give 'Dads' a go - just to see what it was like. I managed about three minutes worth. Far too much awful fake laughter, a full on lack of the ability to captivate me at all and just quite bad really. I wanted to like it because I like Seth Green, but sorry, it isn't going to happen.
  • Awful, just awful.

    Good actors, flat jokes. One of the worst sit coms I've ever seen. Only marginally better than the dreadful mess that is Anger Management. I'm terribly disappointed in Giovanni Ribisi, he's much too good for this third rate, humourless drivel. Talk to your agent Giovanni, have a long hard talk.
  • The only Fox show on Tuesday I actually liked.

    I like most of the actors from their previous work and was pleased to see a pretty good start to what could be a really funny series.

    This is much better written than Brooklyn Nine-Nine (that was just as unbearable as watching a half hour SNL sketch) and not designed for hipster humor like New Girl and the Mindy show (thank goodness).

    Although it really makes me feel old that some people on this site (and others) have never heard of Martin Mull or Peter Riegert.
  • Surprised

    Okay, I'm surprised that I actually liked this. The trailer and synopsis made it sound awful, but with a great cast. If they turn off the laugh track, then this show would be really good. Its actually funny.