Dad's Army

Season 5 Episode 1

Asleep in the Deep

Aired Wednesday 8:20 PM Oct 06, 1972 on BBC
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Episode Summary

Asleep in the Deep
The pumping station of the reservoir has been damaged by a bomb with Walker and Godfrey trapped inside. Hodges is determined to overrule Mainwaring's rescue attempt until it's discovered the structure of the building is very unsafe and they draw lots to decide who is going to be the ones to dig the stranded men out. After successfully reaching Walker and Godfrey, the roof caves in and everyone but Jones ends up trapped in the underground bunker that is now filling rapidly with water. But does Godfrey have a solution that is more useful than asking to be relieved?moreless

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    Arthur Lowe

    Arthur Lowe

    Captain George Mainwaring

    John Le Mesurier

    John Le Mesurier

    Sergeant Arthur Wilson

    Clive Dunn

    Clive Dunn

    Lance Corporal Jack Jones

    John Laurie

    John Laurie

    Private James Frazer

    James Beck

    James Beck

    Private Joe Walker

    Arnold Ridley

    Arnold Ridley

    Private Charles Godfrey

    Bill Pertwee

    Bill Pertwee

    Chief Warden Hodges

    Recurring Role

    Colin Bean

    Colin Bean

    Private Sponge

    Recurring Role

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • Revealing Mistake When the water has risen for a second time it is clear that the door has been replaced with brickwork and a fake door has been put over the top of it. The door is much lighter in colour than the first and you can see the bottom half is missing as the water level doesn't cover it.

      • Revealing mistake Jones slams the door shut and the entire wall bends forward.

      • Technical Fault There's a missing (black) frame just before Frazer says "The water's getting higher and higher."

    • QUOTES (17)

      • Frazer: We're entombed and doomed!

      • Phraseometer
        0 = You stupid boy! Mainwaring
        0 = I wondered who'd be the first to spot that one Mainwaring
        2 = Permission to speak (whisper/worry you) sir! Jones
        1 = Don't panic! Don't panic! Jones
        1 = I'd like to volunteer... Jones
        0 = They don't like it up 'em Jones
        4 = We're doomed! Frazer
        0 = Put that light out! Hodges

      • Mainwaring: Who shut this door?
        Godfrey: It was rather draughty. You were all wet I didn't want you to catch cold.
        Mainwaring: There's no handle. You've done it again, haven't you Godfrey!

      • (Jones has been trying to turn the water off for what must be hours, but the platoon have forgotten he's there)
        Jones: Oh, I'll get it in a minute! Oh no, I'll get it in a minute!

      • Pike: Don't worry Mr. Mainwaring, I'll get it!
        (Pike heroicly draws breath and dives into the water).

      • Hodges: If I'm not very careful I shall...ah... If I'm not very careful I shall...
        (Hodges reaches for the spanner grabs it and falls out of his tub)
        Walker: ...fall in(!)

      • Godfrey: Mr Mainwaring sir, do you think I might...
        Mainwaring: (interrupting) If you want to be excused, it's impossible!

      • Frazer: I mind the time when I was a wee laddie on the lone isle of Barra. A submarine got sunk in Castlebay and seven brave men were trapped in it. The water got higher and higher and higher until it got up to their necks. And then... (long pause) ...terrible way to die!

      • Pike: Uncle Arthur?
        Wilson: Yes?
        Pike: If you don't let me up on that bunk I'll tell Mum!

      • Walker: I know, how about singing a song?
        Mainwaring: Yes, what shall we sing?
        Walker: How about Asleep in the Deep?(!)

      • Pike: Mr. Mainwaring, could I come up on the bunk please?
        Mainwaring: I'm sorry Pike, there isn't any room.
        Pike: What am I gonna do when the water reaches my head?
        Mainwaring: Oh don't worry about that, we'll have thought of something by then.

      • Pike: Mr Mainwaring, I'm all wet!

      • Mainwaring: Why don't we take a leaf from His Majesty's book and sing 'Under the Spreading Chestnut Tree'? Sergeant Wilson will do the cheerful actions and we'll follow.
        Frazer: If Sergeant Wilson's going to do cheerful actions, I'd just as soon be miserable.

      • Pike: I saw them do this once in that film Each Dawn I Die.
        Wilson: Did you really? Who was it that got the piece of paper with the cross on it?
        Pike: The Sergeant!

      • Mainwaring: Take Godfrey's name Wilson, will you? I'll see him in my office in the morning.
        Wilson: I've known his name for years!

      • Frazer: You hear that, Godfrey's asleep. The old fool's asleep, on duty, in wartime, on national service! That's an offence punishable by death! Do you hear what I said Captain Mainwaring? DEATH!!! DEATH!!!

      • Jones: (to Hodges) Why aren't you out A.R.Peeing?

    • NOTES (1)

      • Analysis: Brave Mainwaring.
        This episode demonstrates clearly how Mainwaring is prepared to put his own life above the lives of his men, but does it in a way that his platoon wont know. When there's only one out of 3 remaining pieces of paper with a cross on it left in the hat, Mainwaring says he'll go next, walks away from the men, opens his piece of paper revealing (to us) it's blank. He then tells the men he's got the second cross and puts himself at risk.

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Pike: "I saw them do this once in that film Each Dawn I Die"

        Pike references 1939 Movie 'Each Dawn I Die' in this episode.

      • Frazer: "When I was a laddie on the lone isle of Barra..."

        Frazer actually refers to a real Scottish island in the outer Hebrides! Castlebay also exists. But don't worry, I'm sure the rest of his story was made up.