Dad's Army

Season 1 Episode 3

Command Decision

Aired Wednesday 8:20 PM Aug 14, 1968 on BBC



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    • (Captain Mainwaring gives a lesson on unarmed combat.)
      Frazer: This jabbing in the eyes business. What happens if he's wearing specs like him?
      Mainwaring: That's a good question. The chaps in Whitehall who wrote this manual, have thought of that and have come up with a very smart alternative. They recommend that you shove your index and second fingers up the assailant's nostrils. It's not a pleasant business, but this is war.

    • Jones: My morale's all shattered, sir. I tried to keep it from the men, but what can you do with a shattered morale, sir?
      Mainwaring: I'm terribly sorry. I feel entirely responsible.
      Jones: No, sir, it's not you, sir. It's all the women. They come in the shop trying to get a bit on the side, sir. I'd like to oblige them, but I can't.

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