Dad's Army

BBC (ended 1977)




Episode Guide

  • Season 9
    • Sgt - Save My Boy!
    • Never Too Old
      Episode 6
      Jones confesses his undying love for Mrs Fox to Mr Mainwaring and asks for his Captain's blessing on their marriage.

      The wedding goes according to plan, but will the reception end with a grim reminder that "There's a war on you know?".
    • Number Engaged
      Episode 5
      The platoon take over from the regular army in guarding some vital telephone wires During an air raid a bomb lands in the wires and a way has to be found to get it down before it explodes
    • 10/23/77
      Frazer is busy counting up his earnings when his doctor visits and accidentally knocks over a money box revealing that Frazer is far from poor. Concerned, the doctor alerts Mainwaring, who alerts Jones and very soon Frazer's fortune is the subject of town gossip. Eventually the platoon, Hodges, the Vicar and the Verger are spying on Frazer to see what he does with his money. Will they get their hands on it, or does Frazer have a sneaky trick up his sleeve?moreless
    • 10/16/77
      During a 'Wings For Victory' fundraising event the platoon decide to stage a re-enactment of the battle between St George and the Dragon but friction starts when Hodges and the wardens plan the same thing.
    • 10/9/77
      Capt Mainwaring is to be an umpire in a war game exercise so he gets the use of a staff car. Pike meets a girl and uses the car to take her on a date, but they stay out all night and the whole town is shocked.
    • 10/2/77
      The people of Walmington-On-Sea are becoming apathetic about the war effort. When practicing on a firing range, Mainwaring is told to keep the noise down and Hodges is verbally assaulted for his efforts as chief warden. Mainwaring decides to scare his townfolk by getting the platoon to dress up as fifth columnists and marching through the countryside 'asking ze questions!' Will their plan work? Or will Mainwaring just end up looking rather silly infront of Captain Square and the Eastgate platoon?moreless
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