Dad's Army

Season 1 Episode 2

Museum Piece

Aired Wednesday 8:20 PM Aug 07, 1968 on BBC

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  • Not yet what we would become used to.

    The first series of Dad's Army told the story of the first few days of the Home Guard (or Local Defense Volunteers). The continuing story line did not always make for good episodes. Despite a few great lines this episode is relatively weak. The set looks a bit cheap (notice the walls moving when the men try to get into the museum) and the idea of introducing Jones's father was not one of Croft & Perry's best. Some characters are not yet what they would become. Wilson appears less vacant than we later knew him to be and Frazer doesn't gripe enough. Especially Mainwaring feels a bit odd, but that might be because he hasn't got his uniform yet. Perhaps it's because of the absence of uniforms that it doesn't look like a real Dad's Army episode yet.