Dad's Army

Season 9 Episode 6

Never Too Old

Aired Wednesday 8:20 PM Nov 13, 1977 on BBC
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Episode Summary

Never Too Old
Jones confesses his undying love for Mrs Fox to Mr Mainwaring and asks for his Captain's blessing on their marriage.

The wedding goes according to plan, but will the reception end with a grim reminder that "There's a war on you know?".

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    Arthur Lowe

    Arthur Lowe

    Captain George Mainwaring

    John Le Mesurier

    John Le Mesurier

    Sergeant Arthur Wilson

    Clive Dunn

    Clive Dunn

    Lance Corporal Jack Jones

    John Laurie

    John Laurie

    Private James Frazer

    Arnold Ridley

    Arnold Ridley

    Private Charles Godfrey

    Ian Lavender

    Ian Lavender

    Private Frank Pike

    Joan Cooper

    Joan Cooper


    Guest Star

    Bill Pertwee

    Bill Pertwee

    Chief Warden Hodges

    Recurring Role

    Colin Bean

    Colin Bean

    Private Sponge

    Recurring Role

    Edward Sinclair

    Edward Sinclair

    The Verger

    Recurring Role

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      • Phraseometer
        1 = You stupid boy! Mainwaring
        0 = I wondered who'd be the first to spot that one Mainwaring
        0 = Permission to speak sir! Jones
        1 = Don't panic! Don't panic! Jones
        0 = I'd like to volunteer... Jones
        0 = They don't like it up 'em Jones
        0 = We're doomed! Frazer
        0 = Put that light out! Hodges

      • Pike: Warden wasn't right was he, when he said the Nazi's would walk straight through us?
        Mainwaring: Of course he wasn't right!
        Jones: I know one thing, they're not walking straight through me!
        Frazer: Nor me. I'll be beside you Jonesey.
        Mainwaring: We'll all be beside you Jonesey. We'll stick together, you can rely on that. If anybody tries to take our homes and freedom away from us, they'll find out what we can do. We'll fight. And we're not alone, there are thousands of us all over England.
        Frazer: And Scotland!
        Maiwaring: And Scotland. All over Great Britain infact. Men who'll stand together when their country needs them.
        Wilson: 'scuse me sir, don't think it'd be a nice idea if we were to pay our tribute to them.
        Mainwaring: For once, Wilson, I agree with you. (raises cup) to Britain's Home Guard!
        Jones, Mainwaring, Pike, Wilson, Godfrey and Frazer: (raising cups and looking towards the camera) To Britain's Home Guard!

      • Jack Jones: Halt! Who goes there?
        Mrs Fox (Now Jones): It's me, Mrs Jones!
        Jack Jones: Mrs Jones? I don't know no Mrs Jones!

      • Mainwaring: I'm not going to make a long speech.
        Hodges: Good.

      • Mr Yateman: No confetti! No confetti!
        Pike: I'm gonna throw confetti, so ya-boo-sucks to you! (blows raspberry)

      • Mrs. Fox: I think I'm going to cry.
        Mainwaring: (unsympathetic) Oh do try not to.

      • Mrs. Fox: I tihnk all the men should be in uniform.
        Jones: With medals.
        Mainwaring: I don't think that's a good idea at all.
        Pike: No, no you see, 'cause Mr. Mainwaring and me haven't got any medals, have we Mr.Mainwaring?

      • Mrs Fox: I'm perfectly decent underneath.
        Mainwaring: Oh I'm quite sure you are(!).

      • Frazer: Aye man, she was a fine lassie. She had long, sturdy legs and she loved to tread the path, by the high cliff with the night wind blowing through her threses. (serious look) One night... she ne'er come back. It seemed she was blown over the cliff... carried out to sea. Every night I stood on that very cliff and shouted... "Jesse!... Jesse!... will ye no come back to me.". But the wind just blew the words back in my face! They mocked me... mocked me ye hear! Many years after I received a letter... It err... I was sure that it contained news of her. My fingers shook as I opened it. (pulls piece of paper out of top right hand side pocket). Aye son, I still carry it here, next to my heart.
        Pike: Your hearts on the other side.
        Frazer: (reading) "Dear James, I shall always love ye. I still wear ye ring. I'm in Singapore and I want ti come home and be wed. Please send forty pounds. Yours forever, Jesse."
        Pike: Did you send it Mr Frazer?
        Frazer: Away we ye boy, do you think I'm made of money?!

      • Godfrey: She said, as she was passing she would put you out of your misery.
        Jones: Put me out of me misery? What does that mean?
        Frazer: They do it to dumb animals when they're past hope.

      • Jones: I'm only a humble butcher you know. Is it true affection she feels for me? Does she love me for myself, or does she love me for my meat?

      • Jones: I have fallen in love, Captain Mainwaring... with a woman!

      • Mainwaring: I can't be expected to face a Nazi invasion with a wolly headed corporal.

      • Mainwaring: Where's Corporal Jones?
        Pike: Excuse me, Mr Mainwaring?
        Mainwaring: Yes?
        Pike: You remember when you came into the high street and you said 'right wheel'?... (long pause)... He didn't.

    • NOTES (6)

      • Arthur Lowe, John Le Mesurier, Clive Dunn, John Laurie, Arnold Ridley and Ian Lavender are the only actors to appear in all 84 episodes.

      • The audience loudly cheer Clive Dunn, John Laurie and Ian Lavender as they appear in the credits.

      • The episode and the series fittingly ends with a toast to Britain's Home Guard. This is done partly in and partly out of character by all remaining main cast members, who make their dedication towards the camera.

      • It is revealed Sergeant Wilson was infact a Captain during World War 1.

      • Extended episode lasting 35 minutes as apposed to 30.

      • The Final Episode Of The Show.
        Nearly 28 Years since this episode brought the series to a close it is still being shown and is still as good as ever. Congratulations to all involved in it's making.

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