Dad's Army - Season 4

BBC (ended 1977)




Episode Guide

  • Battle of the Giants
    Captain Mainwaring has taken delivery of a hew cap when Pike, on a bayonet charge, spears the cap from the other side of the door Mainwaring has no medals to wear for the Sunday parade. After the parade, the two platoons are challenged to complete the obstacle course with the winner hoisting their flag at the end of the contest.moreless
  • The Cornish Floral Dance (Short)
    The platoon are to make a radio broadcast to the nation but just before they are about to go on the air they find that the Kings speech has overrun and their broadcast has been cut
  • Fallen Idol
    Fallen Idol
    Episode 13
    While the platoon are at a training camp Mainwaring gets drunk with the other officers during the night and misses the live grenade training the following morning. Later during the training one of the grenades lands in Jones van and Mainwaring rides to the rescue
  • Uninvited Guests
    Uninvited Guests
    Episode 12
    When the A.R.P. Headquarters has been destroyed Hodges and the wardens move into Mainwarings Office and the two of them start arguing over space Later the chimney catches fire and they have to work together to put the fire out
  • A. Wilson (Manager)
    A. Wilson (Manager)
    Episode 11
    Sgt Wilson becomes a manager of his own branch and gets a commission on the same day. Mainwaring takes the news rather badly and they quickly become adversaries. But after a rather unfortunate disaster, will the two remember their friendship?
  • The Test
    The Test
    Episode 10
    In a cricket Match between the platoon and the air raid wardens, Chief Warden Hodges has a secret weapon up his sleeve. He plans to use England's fast bowler Fred Trueman, but all does not go as planed.
  • Mum's Army
    Mum's Army
    Episode 9
    Captain Mainwaring decides to enlist women to the platoon to assist with the war effort. After initial interviews go rather less than satisfactory, a Mrs. Fiona Grey walks into his office and into his life. Mainwaring is flattered that Fiona not only has similar views to him about the war, but also is complementary about his persona. He finds himself falling in love, unfortunately the men very quickly realise and start to gossip behind his back and Fiona decides to leave, but can Mainwaring get to the station in time to stop her?moreless
  • The Two and a Half Feathers
    LCpl Jones goes to a reunion of his old regiment. While he is away an old comrade that fought in the same battle joins the platoon and accuses Jones of cowardice. On his return Jones has to tell the real story.
  • Put That Light Out
    Put That Light Out
    Episode 7
    The platoon are manning the local lighthouse and they accidentally switch on the light and can't find a way to switch it off. During an upcoming air raid they must find a way to stop the light illuminating the entire town.
  • Absent Friends
    Absent Friends
    Episode 6
    In Capt Mainwaring's absence Wilson organizes a darts match against the ARP in the local pub. When Mainwaring returns unexpectedly they have trouble getting the men back on parade.
  • Don't Fence Me In
    Don't Fence Me In
    Episode 5
    The platoon guard some Italian P.O.W's and suspicion falls on Walker that he may be helping them to escape. Mainwaring then sets a trap with a surprising outcome.
  • Sgt - Save My Boy!
    Sgt - Save My Boy!
    Episode 4
    The platoon have moved to a new H.Q. positioned on the beach. When Pike fails to turn up they find him caught up in the barbed wire at the waters edge surrounded by landmines. With the tide coming in rapidly, Mainwaring and Wilson mount a rescue mission but someone else gets there first.moreless
  • Boots, Boots, Boots
    Capt Mainwaring decides to harden the platoons feet by long route marches. When the platoon have had enough they find a clever way of stopping him.
  • Don't Forget the Diver
    During home guard maneuvers LCpl Jones, disguised as a log and helped by Frazer in a diving suit, floats down the river in order to attack the Eastgate platoon's headquarters.
  • The Big Parade
    The Big Parade
    Episode 1
    Mainwaring watches a film reel at the cinema which shows Winston Churchill inspecting Army troops and their mascot - a ram. Of course where Mainwaring's concerned, if another platoon has a mascot, so must his. Sponge volunteers a goat from his farm but they have to catch it first. This, of course, ends in complete disaster with Pike up to his neck in it - literally. Meanwhile the town parade is being organised and of course Mainwaring wants the platoon to lead, but Hodges has other ideas...moreless
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