Dad's Army

Season 3 Episode 1

The Armoured Might of Lance Corporal Jones

Aired Wednesday 8:20 PM Sep 11, 1969 on BBC



  • Trivia

    • Goof: (Revealing Mistake) Microphone boom in shot while the men try to put the old man into Jones' van.

  • Quotes

    • Mainwaring: You never cease to amaze me, Wilson.
      Wilson: Well, sir, I really am rather keen. I'm as keen as you are. It's just that I have this difficulty in showing it.

    • Old man: I'll walk to the flippin' hospital!

    • (Jones and Walker have been overcome with gas from the van)
      Jones and Walker: (singing)
      Hail Hitler, rah rah rah,
      Oh what a funny little man you are.
      With your little mustache
      and your hair all blah!
      Hail Hitler, rah rah rah.

    • Pike: Permission to be sick sir!
      Mainwaring: Permission granted.

    • Mainwaring: The result? Instant decapitation, doesn't know what's happened.
      Walker: Not until he nods his head!

  • Notes

    • Hodges (now referred to by surname) is promoted to Chief Air Raid Warden.

    • The plotline involving the fuel conversion of Jones' van is revamped in more detail in the Dad's Army film.

    • Private Sponge appears but doesn't say anything so was uncredited.

    • The old man becomes a recurring character later in the series and he is given the name Mr. Bluett. In this episode he is just referred to as 'Old man' both in the programme and in the credits.

    • Revealed - Hodges grocers is next door to Frazer's workshop.

    • Revamped closing titles evidently filmed during the making of Season 3 Episode 2 - Battle School. The closing shot with the men running through the field is taken directly from that episode. These titles would remain to the end of the series with exception of Walker's film snippit being removed at the beginning of Season 7.

    • Revamped opening titles, almost identical to previous series but now in colour. These titles would remain to the end of the series with only the episode title being changed for each episode. Also, from this episode onwards only the episode title and not the episode number appears at the end of the opening titles.

    • First episode filmed in colour.

  • Allusions

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