Season 1 Episode 16

A Royal Pain

Aired Saturday 9:30 AM Nov 22, 2003 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

Team Akira arrives in the Albatross Kingdom. Akira, Heruka, Ryugu, Bulion, and Bone Rex attend a fancy party at the palace. They encounter Ginzan who also entered the tournament with Tigamaro and Rogamaro since the tournament is also for unlicensed Battle Robots. The king emerges from inside the clown robot and tells them the tournament and the prize, the Albatross Kingdom trophy. Just then, the lights go out and robed robots appear and capture the king and the trophy. The robed robots shoot their lasers at the other Battle Robots (including Bulion and Bone Rex) with Ginzan pursuing them. Akira tells Heruka to contact Beebot to have him send Daigu. As Akira and Ryugu chase after them, Tigamaro and Rogamaro appear to attack Daigunder before Daigu appears. Daigunder is formed as Tigamundo and Rogamundo fuse, this time with Rogamaro at the top. Meanwhile, Ginzan pursues the robots as one of them shoots Ginzan's wing. Daigunder defeats the two of them. Back at the DaiShuttle, Bulion and Bone Rex are out of commission as Heruka is trying to fix them. Heruka tells Akira that she pinpointed the location of where those robots have the king and the trophy. Akira come up with a plan which involve Eagle Arrow and Drimog distracting the guards, which included attacking them, as Akira, Daigu, and Ryugu make their way to the door. Tigamaro and Rogamaro appear for another fight with Daigunder. Ginzan appears to tell his 2 partners that they'll defeat Daigunder in battle as he blasts them away. Meanwhile, Bulion and Bone Rex recover from the lasers. Heruka suggests that the lasers paralyzed the Battle Robots for a certain time. Inside the building, Akira, Daigu, Ryugu, and Ginzan go down a hallway as Ginzan blows up the door. They enter a dark room as Eagle Arrow and Drimog catch up and shows them the that the robot that they defeated has the crest of the Albatross Kingdom (shown in the tear in it's robe). The room lights up as TV screens with the king's transmission appears. He tells them that it was a test just as Heruka, Bulion, and Bone Rex arrive. He also show the viewing of the other tests that the other teams are in and announces that Team Akira and Team Ginzan have passed the test. Ginzan leaves to prepare for the match. 12 team will be competing in the tournament as Team Akira leaves for Tropicalis Island to battle Team Brit.