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Sunday 8:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Sep 30, 2002 Between Seasons


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  • Stop the background noise !!!

    I enjoy the many topics on the show, but I am infuriated by the over powering noise of drums cymbals horns pipes banging that often drowns out the dialogue of Dan and Tiya.

    If your teckie guy watched the final taping and realized the "noise" being added makes the dialogue almost impossible to hear, he would tone it down - better still, cut it out altogether, it does nothing to enhance the enjoyment of the show. Thank you very much.
  • Discovery Daily Planet

    I am disgusted with Dan Riskin continually interupting Tiya when she is talking. Did his mother never teach him you DON'T interupt people when they are talking ! Remind him he is the CO-host NOT the Host and to know his place. If he were ever to take over the show I will stop watching it and I'm certain that those of good manners who agree with me would also. He is an egotist that needs smartening up.
  • A comprehensive review of the world of science.

    Admittedly, a lot of people aren't that educated in the field of science. Most people probably couldn't even define it nor the scientific method.

    Frankly, science is rarely seen as a topic of entertainment, but rather as a another day at school, when you'd rather be lying back and watching a show that requires less brain cells. Hardcore science, like any hardcore discipline, is very esoteric and requires great expertise in order to understand, and to the layman, it will simply fly over his/her head. And yet, it is so essential to everyday life. Nevertheless, people like Carl Sagan have learned to bridge that gap and popularize it to the common person who may not have their PhD's in quantum physics yet.

    Daily planet is a good medium to bridge that gap as well. It's an amalgamation of interesting breakthroughs, new technologies, and often scientific outlooks of everyday life. It presents science news that even the scientist viewer was probably not aware of yet, and it would be a welcome alternative to reading scientific journals.

    Yes, the show does its homework in making sure that information is accurate. But, because the information needs to be simplified so the average viewer can understand, some of the information presented will be incomplete, stripped down, and skewed if you happen to interpret it incorrectly. So, watch the show to gain a perspective of the science that affect your everyday life, but take it with a grain of salt. Watching the show won't get you your PhD after all.
  • Learning about science and technology has never been more exciting.

    A fabulous informative show hosted by canada's own Jay Ingram and England's best gift to Canada, the gorgeous Natasha Stillwell, with a biology degree from Camebridge.

    Jay Ingram and Natasha Stillwell shine a light where the world is otherwhise kept in the dark about facinating new discoveries in science and technology. Their descriptions are thourough and upbeat and the facts are unbelievable. you are guarunteed to learn something new each segment. The way they understand the cultures they enter when they bring stories from abroad. They did a fabulous on-location week-long tribute to succeeded Japanese technological endeavours.

    Guests that helped innovate or discover the subjects featured on the show appear to discuss their discoveries but most of the information is given by the hosts after extensive research.
    Daily Planet is exciting from from introduction to end credits.

    The energetic hosts talking during groovy music puts Daily Planet over the top by starting off exciting from the first moment and continuing to the last second. It is unlikely that you will get bored once during the hour, and the Intelligence you will gain from this show is beyod enough to impress your friends.