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Sunday 8:00 PM on Discovery Channel Premiered Sep 30, 2002 Between Seasons


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  • Learning about science and technology has never been more exciting.

    A fabulous informative show hosted by canada's own Jay Ingram and England's best gift to Canada, the gorgeous Natasha Stillwell, with a biology degree from Camebridge.

    Jay Ingram and Natasha Stillwell shine a light where the world is otherwhise kept in the dark about facinating new discoveries in science and technology. Their descriptions are thourough and upbeat and the facts are unbelievable. you are guarunteed to learn something new each segment. The way they understand the cultures they enter when they bring stories from abroad. They did a fabulous on-location week-long tribute to succeeded Japanese technological endeavours.

    Guests that helped innovate or discover the subjects featured on the show appear to discuss their discoveries but most of the information is given by the hosts after extensive research.
    Daily Planet is exciting from from introduction to end credits.

    The energetic hosts talking during groovy music puts Daily Planet over the top by starting off exciting from the first moment and continuing to the last second. It is unlikely that you will get bored once during the hour, and the Intelligence you will gain from this show is beyod enough to impress your friends.