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Daisy Does America

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Daisy Does America was a new comic series starring British society gal Daisy Donovan as she sets out across the country to become the next All-American Girl. As she tries to embrace the American dream and learn about the American way of life, Daisy pokes fun at herself and the characters she meets in her travels. Daisy Does America comes from executive producers Courteney Cox Arquette and David Arquette of Coquette Production.
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  • Best TV show of all time

    This is the funniest show i have ever seen. Daisy pokes fun at unrealizing people all over america and it is halarious. She has a very whitty sence of humor that is unusually refreshing. She puts herself in situations that sane people normally wouldn't put themselves into. I am not one to normally laugh at tv shows, even when there funny, but i found myself watching 9 episodes by myself one night laughing uncontrollibly at every one of daisy's jokes. She is so talented as a comedian and her facial expressions ar absolutely priceless. Honestly i have no idea why this show isnt airing all the time.moreless
  • (Put hand to his head) Another pitiful show that's trying to become popular.

    Ok. On my list of bad shows, this would be at number 2 with Lost being number 1. What the flippin' **** is this garbage? Why is it on tv? Will it do better over time? I can already answer those questions. The answers are: Mindless trash with no comdey; To piss people off; **** NO! Take this show off the air NOW before an angry mob forms.
  • Armed with her beige suit and British sensibilities, Daisy D. takes improvisation and self-deprecating humor to a level of charm and hilarity.

    Daisy Donovan is wonderful. As an actor, I admire her extreme fearlessness and excitement. She throws herself into each situation head-first, with hilarious results. I think TBS marketed this show terribly, mostly choosing to showcase in previews what jokes they thought would appeal most to America's general audience (the "who let the dogs out" question among others, or shots of her glaring at people for seemingly no reason). This was supposed to draw me in?! I refused to watch until a friend made me. What I saw wasn't cheap or Ameri-hating. At times over the top, Daisy's humor is chock-full of subtlety and intelligence, so much so that I'm still finding new things after repeat viewings. Yes, she does occasionally lead unsuspecting people down a road of embarrassment, but she usually ends up taking herself down in the process. Throughout the show, Daisy exposes different and fascinating aspects of the human response (not just American--I'm sure this show could have been done in just about any country with the same results). This is a show for people who loved The Comeback, another comedic underdog written off by people who only look at the surface of things. I hope we get more episodes!moreless
  • Just a rip off...

    Daisy Does America is just a rip off of Da Ali G Show's Borat's Guide to America. Maybe an alternative for those who haven't seen Borat's adventures but don't try to sell this show as original and innovative.

    The wedding coordinator episode was mildly funny but I don't think I will tune again any time soon.
  • Probably not for most Americans.

    I can understand how most Americans would not find this show funny. On the whole, Americans seem to take themselves way too seriously and find it difficult to laugh at themselves. Having said that, this show is fun-ny! Not being American myself I can appreciate this show for all it's worth. I'm guessing it would be more amusing to the Brits and the Aussies. To the Americans who watch this show, just let down your, "We're the superpower of the world, no-one makes fun of us" attitude, and you may just find it funny. Being an Aussie living in America, I think it's hilarious!moreless
  • Nobody's here.....
    Umm, I don't know if anyone is actually going to read this but I'm going to post anyway. I watch TBS often enough and a commercia...
  • only 5 episodes?
    theres only 5 episodes to this show?
  • Quirky Humour
    I watched the wedding planner one last night. Although some parts were stupid, the things that kept in my mind were when she went ...