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  • Best TV show of all time

    This is the funniest show i have ever seen. Daisy pokes fun at unrealizing people all over america and it is halarious. She has a very whitty sence of humor that is unusually refreshing. She puts herself in situations that sane people normally wouldn't put themselves into. I am not one to normally laugh at tv shows, even when there funny, but i found myself watching 9 episodes by myself one night laughing uncontrollibly at every one of daisy's jokes. She is so talented as a comedian and her facial expressions ar absolutely priceless. Honestly i have no idea why this show isnt airing all the time.
  • (Put hand to his head) Another pitiful show that's trying to become popular.

    Ok. On my list of bad shows, this would be at number 2 with Lost being number 1. What the flippin' **** is this garbage? Why is it on tv? Will it do better over time? I can already answer those questions. The answers are: Mindless trash with no comdey; To piss people off; **** NO! Take this show off the air NOW before an angry mob forms.
  • Armed with her beige suit and British sensibilities, Daisy D. takes improvisation and self-deprecating humor to a level of charm and hilarity.

    Daisy Donovan is wonderful. As an actor, I admire her extreme fearlessness and excitement. She throws herself into each situation head-first, with hilarious results. I think TBS marketed this show terribly, mostly choosing to showcase in previews what jokes they thought would appeal most to America's general audience (the "who let the dogs out" question among others, or shots of her glaring at people for seemingly no reason). This was supposed to draw me in?! I refused to watch until a friend made me. What I saw wasn't cheap or Ameri-hating. At times over the top, Daisy's humor is chock-full of subtlety and intelligence, so much so that I'm still finding new things after repeat viewings. Yes, she does occasionally lead unsuspecting people down a road of embarrassment, but she usually ends up taking herself down in the process. Throughout the show, Daisy exposes different and fascinating aspects of the human response (not just American--I'm sure this show could have been done in just about any country with the same results). This is a show for people who loved The Comeback, another comedic underdog written off by people who only look at the surface of things. I hope we get more episodes!
  • Just a rip off...

    Daisy Does America is just a rip off of Da Ali G Show's Borat's Guide to America. Maybe an alternative for those who haven't seen Borat's adventures but don't try to sell this show as original and innovative.

    The wedding coordinator episode was mildly funny but I don't think I will tune again any time soon.
  • Probably not for most Americans.

    I can understand how most Americans would not find this show funny. On the whole, Americans seem to take themselves way too seriously and find it difficult to laugh at themselves. Having said that, this show is fun-ny! Not being American myself I can appreciate this show for all it's worth. I'm guessing it would be more amusing to the Brits and the Aussies. To the Americans who watch this show, just let down your, "We're the superpower of the world, no-one makes fun of us" attitude, and you may just find it funny. Being an Aussie living in America, I think it's hilarious!
  • While I appreciated the satiric humor of Married With Children, I find Daisy Does America and its star to be completely contrived and mocking.

    There are witty-stupid shows, and funny-stupid shows, and for me this show falls into the category of contrived-stupid while being neither witty nor funny. It might better be called Daisy Mocks America. I can understand why some people would really like it a lot, but I think this is a show that either hits you the right way or it doesn't. I just find it to be outright offensive and a disgusting show that would be better left off the airwaves. The comparison to Sex and the City made by the show producers is not apt. This is not a classy show.
  • Daisy does not hate America. People are missing the point. This show has been wrongly mislabelled as a comedy. It's basically a documentary with some humor mixed in. It's that simple.

    Stop with the Ali G crap already. This is nothing like the Ali G show. Ali G is a hack. If you must compare it to something then compare it to "Weird Weekends" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Louis_Theroux's_Weird_Weekends). I think people are missing the whole premise. Yes, there is humor involved. Daisy is a comedian. However, the premise of the show is not to make fun of Americans and make us look stupid. It's about learning and discovering little parts of American society. If you've watched the show at all then you'd know that Daisy is actually quite sincere, polite, and charming. This show has been wrongly mislabelled as a comedy. It's basically a documentary with some humor mixed in. It's that simple.
  • I look forward to this show. Have not had a good laugh in a while.

    I find myself looking forward to watching Daisy every week. She makes me laugh and that\'s a big deal for me. I think the show is very creative. I mean she gets out there and tries very hard at a job she\'s never done,sometimes she messes up and sometimes she just doesn\'t get it. In the end she still strives on looking and I don\'t know to many people who would do what she\'s doing. Let\'s face it America can be tough.

    Man, I feel completely stupid just for watching this.

    Daisy is so un-original & a stupid dumb b@#ch
    I hate that stupid accent
    This crap is not even funny its pure garbage
    Just like said above, even the stupid commercials to hype up the show are stupid

    Honestly, I hate TBS they play mostly nothing but garbage, all their so called movies are edited to hell, cut out all the scenes, and my favorite is, and I actually timed this, are Tbs\'s 6-7 minute commericals?? Does anyone here know of any other TV station out there that plays almost 6-7 minutes of commericals? Can U tell me?

    And that stupid Raphael 1-800 Tbs Funny

    I think Tbs should die And go to hell, and stop Smocking crack and Shooting up heroin, because Junkies could come up with better TV material then those shit for brain executives. Simply pathetic!

    Tsb if you read this go to hell!, and David Arquette and Courtney Cocks you both have no talent as actors and as producers do us all a favour, jump off a f@#@#$king bridge into on-coming traffic!

    Thank You!

  • OMG! This tripe SUX! Dump it in the heap with all the other Reality Ratings chasers and seek some quality TV elsewhere...

    What are the fe '10' voters here thinking?? This is 1st grade humor, below even South Park. I usually like TBS - but THIS - maybe the Twixter Generation loves this junk, but if so, they should be embarrassed - as should the otherwise funny creators.... No real effort went into the humor - it's all stupid twixterish humor at best, enfantile at worst. No intellectual stimulation here- and who says Daisy is a looker? Wow - she needs some work to be classified more than 'goofey'.... Now, 'Monica'...funny AND pretty...

    Too bad that kinda humor didn't translate to this show. It truly is abyssmal - and needs to go off the air NOW. Even the ads are (1) pushy and too frequent, (2) embarrassing... The Heavies at TBS must be taking their un-funny pills - they certainly are barking up the wrong tree for quality here....
  • A funny, pretty British woman comes to America and gets into Reality American TV. A light hearted warm poke-fun-at-us (fakes a drawl and gives hugs in the end) that leaves me wishing Daisy would just stay here!

    DDA is a rare find these days. A foreigner on our turf showing us what American culture looks like from the Other Side. Her 'humour' is warm and her average-girl looks and charm leave the viewer with the great feeling that making fun of British accents is reciprocal. Daisy gives America a British accent!
  • Review of Daisy Does America

    This show is insulting to the American culture. A British girl comes in and makes a joke out of everyone\'s lives. I have never felt so insulted. It would be one thing for another American to do it, but because she is British it is very insulting! Do not watch this show!
  • Daisy Does America is a wannabe Ali G show that fails miserably. Leave the british actor that plays different characters to Sacha Baron Cohen, an emmy nominated actor/writer.

    Change the channel, all this show does is try to be a mainstream version of Ali G with a girl. There is only one problem, Ali G is hysterical with amazing and original writing and interviews with people such as Butros Butros Gali and Newt Gengrich and Donald Trump, Daisy....well not so much. Don't watch this show, it is horrible, if you want to see someone dress up as characters and be funny in a normal settting, go buy Ali G seasons 1 and 2 and watch it on HBO.
  • this show is so bad. don't waste your time on it, even if you are at gun point, and are forced to watch this crap.

    this show is not funny one at all. she is ugly, unfunny, and is forced into this show by TBS Superstation.

    I cant believe they allow this crud on the air. this should should be taken off asoon as possible. who in there mind would think this is funny? daisy.. please go back to where you came from, and stop annoying america.
  • Daisy Does America is absolutely amazing I Love the show I wish they had a whole marathon of it.

    Daisy Does America is one of the greatest things that has came to cable T.V in years. she\'s funny and kinda cute, If I had the chance to have my own show I wouldnt do anything different than her.She is herself and I think her show is going to be around for along time. I Love It!!!
  • This show is hilarious and has a n interesting take on Americans.

    This show is so funny i don't where to begin. Daisy has a different view on america, as im sure many people do. she expresses it with humor from making fun of rappers, to making fun of country stars, she stops no where. This kind of comedy tends to be underrated, and is welcomed by me with open arms!
  • This show is hilarious. For all of those who think not may be losing there sense of humor, or they rather watch another episode of Survivor.

    This show is hilarious. For all of those who think not may be losing there sense of humor, or they rather watch another episode of Survivor. This show makes fun of everything American. Whether she is rapping or dog sitting she manages to make it funny. This is definetly a lot funnier then some of the comedies on tv today such as the stupid Andy Milinokis show on MTV. Yes, this show is similar to the Ali G Show but for those of us who do not have HBO can enjoy this take on Americans. Watch and enjoy. Don't be a critic of the lack of depth but rather just take it for what it is. Funny comedy.
  • GARBAGE!!! It's astounding that someone approved money for this show to be produced. Another contribution to further the dumbing-down of America.

    Mind-numbingly stupid. Maybe this will do well overseas (where people already think we\'re morons). It staggers the imagination that a group of supposedly educated people looked at the concept of this show and saw a winner. Apparently the mindset of \"Americans will watch anything we put in front of them\" is alive and well at TBS. The network should stick to reruns -- tried and true shows that ARE funny.

    One can only hope the Arquettes have personally bankrolled this disaster and learn a valuable lesson -- actors do not automatically make qualified producers. Go enjoy your existing wealth and leave creative ideas with those who have the talent for it.

    I hope this show dies the fast death it so justly deserves. Even the hyped-up commercials for it are annoying.
  • Daisy does America is finally an opportunity for a woman to do her stand-up gig and not degrade herself in the process. Hilarious.

    I can't believe the people who do not like this show! Are they for real? When I saw the previews, I thought it would be horrendous. But when I watched the pilot, I loved it. Daisy Donovon is hilarious and she does a superb job at poking fun at herself and the world (especially America) at the same time. To me, she is the epitome of British modern humor and I can understand why many, ahem Americans, choose not to like her. But if you watch without bias you will not leave with a wedgie in your underwear.
  • just a take off of the Ali G show, who I there right mind would ever watch this show, it is not going to stay on the air long, I am surprised that a reputable company like TBS would even pick it up, what are the executives thinking,come on now.

    This show is probably the worst show I have ever seen, it is just a take of of Ali G. Get a life Courtney and David. Come up with something better than this, she is not funny at all, and everyone I know says the same thing. I can't believe this horrible show is taking up space on a good channel like TBS.
  • Some people don't know good TV, the reviewers to this site (excluding me of course.)

    Is it wrong to want to have a good laugh at someone else Punking the world a little less obviously?

    I mean that is wait Daisy is doing. She's playing a timid yet funny version of Ashton Kutcher, except she doesn't hide in her trailer.

    This show is so freaking hilarious. I haven't laughed so hard in a 30 minute segment since the execution of Friends. And this so completely different from even the 'Punk"-ing shows, and deserves a second viewing from all you haters.

    And even if you don't, who cares. If FX's recent comedy '...Philadelphia' can get a second season, then I'm certain that I'll get more than enough fill of Daisy.
  • Retirement fund for Courtney and David? I'm in.

    Whoever gave this show a .10 rating was being generous. That something this narcisistic and self-absorbed would come from minds of Coutney Cox and David Arquette - who\'d a thunk it? I give it another week - before they give the time slot over to those ridiculous (but way more entertaining) Magic Bullet Blender infomercials.
  • HOLY SHIT.. this show sucks.. like i thought i knew shitty shows, but those were nothing compared to this. My friend was stoned as shit and still didnt find this show funny.. WOW.. this is seriously the worst show ever, daisy please just die already

    seriously daisy.. please die.. i would be a much happier person if i knew someone like you was not on TV anymore.. like i seriously cant stop wondering how the hell you got a show.. i could do a show about me sleeping at night and it would be ALOT funnier than this show. TBS if you are looking for a new show to fill this slot, feel free to film me asleep at night, i would promise better rating. 100% better. this show sucks my left nut and then some
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