Daisy Does America

TBS (ended 2006)


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  • Armed with her beige suit and British sensibilities, Daisy D. takes improvisation and self-deprecating humor to a level of charm and hilarity.

    Daisy Donovan is wonderful. As an actor, I admire her extreme fearlessness and excitement. She throws herself into each situation head-first, with hilarious results. I think TBS marketed this show terribly, mostly choosing to showcase in previews what jokes they thought would appeal most to America's general audience (the "who let the dogs out" question among others, or shots of her glaring at people for seemingly no reason). This was supposed to draw me in?! I refused to watch until a friend made me. What I saw wasn't cheap or Ameri-hating. At times over the top, Daisy's humor is chock-full of subtlety and intelligence, so much so that I'm still finding new things after repeat viewings. Yes, she does occasionally lead unsuspecting people down a road of embarrassment, but she usually ends up taking herself down in the process. Throughout the show, Daisy exposes different and fascinating aspects of the human response (not just American--I'm sure this show could have been done in just about any country with the same results). This is a show for people who loved The Comeback, another comedic underdog written off by people who only look at the surface of things. I hope we get more episodes!