Daisy of Love

Sunday 9:00 PM on VH1 Premiered Apr 26, 2009 In Season


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  • Runner up Daisy DeLaHoya on Rock of Love 2 now has her own show she must pick one person too win the rest will lose each week they compete in callenges each week someone will leave up until the finally. it will be down to two people one will win .......

    So I originally hated this show but as the show went on it slowly progressed and honestley was a pretty good show which is why you never judge a show by it's first episode. The show is one of the many reality shows on VH1 a few years ago when I used to watch reality shows so it's a decent show in my honest opinion if you like these kinds of shows watch it but if you don't well you'll probablly not like it. I wonder if they'll do a follow up to this show probablly not but possible. So Decent Show.
  • Still terrible.

    I am starting to hate VH1.They are making very terrible reality shows.This one has a very terrible sequel to Rock Of Love.Including that this show has a boring episode plot and very dreadful plot of the show.I don't care that some of the reality shows are good,but this one is a really boring show.I hate it so much that I just wanna wrap the show in a box and throw it down a waterfall.VH1 is still not a bad channel at making reality shows and it's the worst at doing that.I hate it and I think it's a very bad show.