Daktari - Season 3

CBS (ended 1969)




Episode Guide

  • The Will to Live
    The Will to Live
    Episode 27
    A tame tiger that gets lost in the wild seems to return to its previous wild behavior. While they are treating a wounded dog, Jack and Mike come face to face with the tiger. With little chance of getting help from the others, Jack and Mike must deal with the tiger by themselves and home it will revert to its tame nature.moreless
  • The Monster of Wameru
    A native comes up with a plan to help his brother raise money. He dresses as a gorilla, hoping to bring more tourist to his village. The plan only succeeds in spreading fear throughout the area.
  • The Killer of Wameru
    A starving lion comes to the center looking for food and is taken in by Judy. When the lion returns to the bush, it is up to Judy to protect him from native hunters.
  • The Lion Killer
    The Lion Killer
    Episode 24
    Dr. Tracy saves Clarence from a game hunter and his dog. The hunter insists Dr. Tracy operate on his sick dog. Dr. Tracy must decide whether to save the dog's life, so it can return to hunting, or go against his ethics and let the dog die.
  • Toto the Great
    Toto the Great
    Episode 23
    After Judy sprays a baby chimp with a new repellent the chimp scares off a leopard. Two tribesmen, who see this, claim the chimp is the reincarnation of their past leader.
  • The Killer Cub
    The Killer Cub
    Episode 22
    Dr. Tracy races to curb a young cheetah's killing instincts before it is killed. A local rancher is determined to stop the cheetah from killing any more of his cattle.
  • Judy Strikes Back
    Judy Strikes Back
    Episode 21
    The animals at the center become upset when an electric alarm system is installed. Judy leads the group in a plan to prove they are better than the automated system, at guarding the center.
  • License to Kill
    License to Kill
    Episode 20
    After a sick lioness attacks an ex-boxer visiting Wameru, he gets permission to kill the animal. It is up to Dr. Tracy to protect the lioness and stop the fighter.
  • The Big Switch
    The Big Switch
    Episode 19
    Judy is once again causing trouble by switching some of Dr. Tracy's medical supplies. The drugs she tricks a former chief to take causes him to make a dangerous, and possibly deadly, challenge.
  • Riddle of the Bush
    Riddle of the Bush
    Episode 18
    One of Dr. Tracy's former professors arrives in the area. He is trying to locate a hidden elephant graveyard. It turns out that what he really wants is to be famous and is willing to risk a sick elephant to do it.
  • Miracle in the Jungle
    A criminal returns to the center to find the money he buried there while working for the the government. After being scared away by Clarence he returns to find the money missing and sets out to find the people who took it.
  • The Elephant Raid (Part 2)
    As the district official completes his preparations to destroy the herd, Dr. Tracy and the others must race to save the elephants and the center.
  • The Elephant Raid (Part 1)
    A herd of wild elephants are heading toward the center, trampling everything in their path. The government sends in a strategist to destroy the herd and stop the destruction they are causing. All the leads Dr. Tracy to make a difficult decision between saving the herd or trying to stop the destruction.moreless
  • Clarence's Love-In
    Clarence's Love-In
    Episode 14
    Clarence runs away from the center after one of Jack's experiments goes. After Clarence is taken in by three lionesses, he must choose between living with the three lionesses in the wild or a life at the center with his friends.
  • Judy and the Wizard
    Judy and the Wizard
    Episode 13
    A performer brings his chimp to the center, only to find out that old age is the reason she is unable to perform. The performer is unwilling to act that fact, so he leaves and takes Judy with him by mistake. Dr. Tracy believes Judy has been kidnapped and goes on the search for the performer and Judy.moreless
  • Return of Ethel and Albert
    A hippo and donkey that Paula has cages after they destroy her flowers, escape from the center. It is now up to Dr. Tracy to find them before they fall victim to a dangerous leopard in the bush.
  • Judy and the Thoroughbred
    Dr. Tracy agrees to treat a racehorse brought to the center by an Italian countess. Dr. Tracy must confront the countess after he learns the condition of the horse is due to her poor treatment of the animal.
  • One of Our Cubs Is Missing
    After Judy saves a cub from a brush fire, it is sent back into the jungle. Paula tells Judy to find the cub and guard it. The transmitter that the cub is wearing disappears, so Paula heads out to find Judy and the cub. Paula soon finds herself alone and in trouble.moreless
  • Judy and the Jailbirds
    Determined to be sent back to prison, two ex-cons attempt to steal Clarence but their plan is ruined by Judy. The pair are still desperate to return to their easy prison life and devise a more daring and dangerous plan.
  • Countdown for Judy
    Countdown for Judy
    Episode 8
    After Judy becomes ill from eating berries sprayed with poison, Dr. Tracy must determine the type of poison before he can treat her. A frantic search for the berries begins, with everyone at the center involved.
  • The Return of the Phantom
    Dr. Tracy and a native hunter race to locate a famous leopard in the bush. The leopard's fate will be determined by who finds it first.
  • The Scent of Fear
    The Scent of Fear
    Episode 6
    Senor Sanchez, a bullfighter that has lost his nerve, arrives at the compound to be trained as a game warden. A wolf Dr. Tracy was going to operate on escapes. After the wolf returns and attacks, it is up to Senor Sanchez to stop the wolf.
  • The Killer Tribe
    The Killer Tribe
    Episode 5
    After Judy runs off with a strange native, Dr. Tracy and the others set out to find her. The group soon discovers that Judy has been made leader of a tribe that worships chimps and they must convince Judy to help them escape before it is too late.
  • Goodbye, Wameru
    Goodbye, Wameru
    Episode 4
    Mike's journalist friend arrives at the center with the intention of writing an article declaring Dr. Tracy's work useless. Jack, Mike and Paula hatch a scheme to stop the journalist publishing the article. After Dr. Tracy exposes their scheme, it is up to Judy to save the day.
  • Crime Wave at Wameru
    Hedley is being forced to retire, so Dr. Tracy and Paula appeal to the governor to keep Hedley on. After Judy releases a royal lion club from the center, Hedley must make a daring rescue to save the cub and his job.
  • The Execution
    The Execution
    Episode 2
    Dr. Tracy operates on a leopard to determine why it attacked Hedley. After Dr. Tracy is able to treat the leopard, it returns to the center looking for its cub that has been adopted by Judy.
  • Judy, the Astro-Chimp
    Judy is mistaken for an astronaut-trained chimp that is lost on the reserve.