Season 2 Episode 1

Battle Lines

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jan 28, 2013 on TNT

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  • #201 'Battle Lines'

    The new Dallas is back and better than ever. The writers definitely stepped up their game by adding many surprising twists and turns to this fantastic second season premiere. I'm not gonna go into details because there is a next one waiting for me already. But this should cover a few major turn arounds - Harris asks Ann for that tape she made of him admitting of his dirty businesses in return for an information about their long lost daughter Emma, he already had a DNA test and they are a match. But when she takes Bobby to see her estranged daughter the things don't go as she planned. Emma is cold and distant telling her that she never wants to see her again which is what every mother wants to hear, right?

    Christopher and Bobby are introduced to Rebecca's real identity - she finally introduces herself as Cliff's daughter he had with Afton. The whole family is shocked. Everytime I see Christopher and Elena either together or separately appearing on my screen I feel like throwing something at them. Not only are these two characters terribly written, they are also badly acted. Well, they can't all be winners. Speaking of winners - it looks like Sue Ellen might become the new governor of Texas only in her wildest erotic fantasies. Dr. Rasmussen resigned and publicly revealed that Sue Ellen bribed him to spare her son of going to prison for years to come. . only appeared in a couple of scenes and served mainly as a comic relief. Oh and John Ross being face to face with Rebecca Barnes at the end? Let's just say that was hottest scene in the entire episode. And surprise, surprise ... they got the real Rebecca Sutter on their side. This episode was one of the finest hours of TV this season. Very well done. Congrats, TNT. [9.5/10]