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2.01 ''Battle Lines'' & 2.02 ''Venomous Creatures'' Episode Discussion

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    [1]Jan 28, 2013
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    Ladies & gents, it's officially here. And I must say that these first two episodes were much better than the entire first season. The writers seem to be doing something right. I like it.

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    [2]Feb 4, 2013
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    I agree, the season opened very strong. I loved everything, from J.R. getting muffins for the pretty secretary who hilariously turned out to be a guy to the dark and twisted Brown-Rylands. I just hope we see Brenda Strong doing less crying scenes from now on, I can see old Dallas fans having a hard time warming to her because she's written as constantly over-emoting. To her credit, Brenda's probably done more acting in 12 episodes than Victoria Principal did in 10 seasons.

    But I must say I have a hard time buying Judith Light as Mitch Pileggi's mother. At best they look the same age no matter how much Judith tries to stretch her eyebrows to make it look like she has wrinkles, and I see from the previews she'll be having her bangs down - maybe she's actually Ann's daughter?
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