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2.12 "A Call to Arms" & 2.13 "Love and Family" Discussio

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    Discuss the episodes here.

    Who killed J.R.? Could Pam really be alive? All will be revealed on April 15th.

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    At times like this the Ewings need a pit bull, not a chihuahua. JR was a pit bull. Bobby has always been chihuahua. Personally, I have no idea how the Ewings can possibly survive this period of their trials and tribulations without someone like JR. Bobby never has a plan, he simply stumbles into situations and circumstances and prays for luck. Even now he's relying on the plan that JR implemented. Bobby is a thinker, but not necessarily a man of action. He's reactive, where JR was proactive.

    Christopher is his father's son, just as John Ross is the mirror image of what I would imagine a young. impulsive JR to be. He's willing to do what it takes to get the job done! I'm not suggesting that's right or wrong, but in the "Dallas world" that's what has always enabled JR to keep the Ewings in the game. Like John Ross said to the Governor: "My father took down three Governors, two Senators, and a Vice-President...." Christopher would never be able to say that about Bobby. John Ross will be instrumental in whatever successes the Ewings have in this latest battle with Cliff Barnes, and Bobby will again be their moral compass sitting on the sidelines whining, as he was during the run of the original series.

    RIP, JR. You are desperately missed already!

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