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A worthy farewell (Spoiler warning)

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    [1]Apr 16, 2013
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    I just saw the season finale. Finally everything was revealed about JRs death and I got as I wanted. It was indeed a farewell worthy to J.R.

    One line that has now got stuck in my memory was what Bobby said after revealing everything. "The only person who could bring down J.R. was J.R.". Could a line be more perfect than that?

    Long live J.R. and Larry Hagman!

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    [2]Apr 21, 2013
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    I was thinking that, if they had ended the episode before the last set of commercials, those episodes would have been great as either a season or series finale, depending on whether or not they picked it up for a 3rd season. Harris Ryland and Cliff Barnes in jail. The Barnes/Ewing feud coming to an end. Having closure to the Pam story left open in the original (albeit, that "closure" is probably along the lines of what fans had imagined after her disappearance). And, as you said, a fitting ending for the series' most iconic character. However, it also would have worked as a season finale, because as we saw in the last few minutes, Cliff and Harris could still get out, and Pamela could easily find out about the set-up of her father, sparking the old feud up again.
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