Season 2 Episode 8

J.R.'s Masterpiece

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Mar 11, 2013 on TNT

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  • JR's Masterpiece

    Few will forget the character of JR Ewing. While I think they are capable of doing a much better tribute now and in the future, it was still a huge deal for this series and for TV as a whole.

    They did their best to honor the legend and you have to respect that.
  • JR Lives On

    Although . is dead he will always live on. What really rocked was that there was a fight. Now that's the real tribute to . not only to him but the original series it should have been longer and with Bobby and Ray. There is signs that Pam Ewing may be alive and if its true then watch out for Season 3 if Victoria Principal returns.
  • Great Tribute episode

    Loved the entire tribute show. JR you Rocked... and so did Tony Nelson.. Grammy winning performance to the very end. Lord bless you Larry.. Just don't piss him off.
  • Heartbreaking and Poignant Send-Off for . Ewing and Larry Hagman

    From the opening credits (specialized to honor the late Larry Hagman), to the memorial service and funeral, the episode had me in tears. Especially heartbreaking was the eulogies by Sue Ellen and Bobby. All-around it was a great episode! While it was great to see so many old faces, it was the performances by Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray that really shone. Sue Ellen taking the drink and admitting she was drunk at the funeral while crying over the man she hated and loved equally was devastating to watch. Bobby's pent-up anger at Ann was explosive and the way he broke down in the end was perfectly fitting. But ol' . had a few tricks left up his sleeve, especially one concerning the long-missing Pamela Barnes Ewing. Where is this going? Who killed What's his master plan? I can't wait to find out.
  • . Jr, you will be missed

    A very touching tribute to . Ewing, I thought the episode was very well done, I cried through most of the episode, but, of course, . Is no matter what. He had to go out with a bang, classic jr style. Well done guys, very touching-very loyal canadian fan