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  • Please kill Elana

    Please, Please, Please get rid of Elana. I don't care how you do it, but just PLEEEEEZZZZEEEE get rid of her! I am so sick of looking at this so called 'actress' that has one, and only ONE, facial expression. And they call her an actress and pay her! OMG! I am so sick of her frowned forehead and her crooked left brow. She has the very same expression whether she's happy, sad, mad, glad, disgusted, thrilled and on and on. Get rid of this B rated 'actress' and get someone who can perform with other facial expressions without the scorned, confused STUPID look that she has! Thank you for letting me vent. I have wanted her off the show from the very first I ever saw off my chest, now get her off my fav show! Did I say PLEASE?
  • Dramatic Nonsense

    The show started interesting on season 1, but on season 2 and 3 is going just nonsense and absurd, and oh yeah they just put sex scenes to fill. everyone betrays everyone, seriously this is just nonsense and too dramatic and not on any good way, this is like a bad soap opera. i'm just waiting for the moment bring back JR saying his brain was transplanted into another person

    CANNOT wait until the new series starts. I watched the old Dallas when it was on, and this new show with some of the same prior cast and new cast is GREAT................
  • this dallas is great

    love this show hate to see it end. wonder when it will be back. I wish all of these shows were on all the time they show them for such a short period of time and then you wait months before you see them again.
  • Disappointed

    The last episode of Dallas with John Ross' tri-sexual relationship was a huge disappointment. The original Dallas had a scrip of brilliant moves, legal & illegal, were interesting to watch. I do not watch for sexual escapades. The script is dull and throwing in sex scenes doesn't add anything to the show.

  • Dallas

    bring Sasha Mitchell back plz. it would be way col

  • love this show

  • Love this show!!!

    I love Dallas and love that it will come back onto the Air in early 2014!!! The ending of last season especially was the very, very sad passing of Larry Hagman was so emotional yet incredibly done well. Can't wait to see what is in store in 2014! I am sure it was be fantastic!!!

  • last night's finale

    Wowww I was blown finale was mind blowing. Who shot JR? Well we've finally got the answer, after years and years of John Ross marring Pamela and ending in bed with Emma - like father like son. He is JR"s son after all, gotta be like his daddy at least a little bit. Ewing marrying Barns, again - I wonder how will that turn out???Sue Ellen in that office with that drink in her hand - was was JR's wife and for sure become more like him over the years. Cliff and Ryland in do I think that it is not going to last long???After all there should be some drama ahead of us. Can't wait until season my fingers cross for it of course. Christopher and don't see them is not the one for him. Like I said can't wait until next season :)
  • Favorite show on TV!!

    I loved the orginal series so much. Never thought they would bring Dallas back, now that they have I love the new one even more! So great to have Patric Duffy and Linda on the new one also. So saddened by the loss of Larry Hagman. I thought they did a wonderful job with the script to work in the loss of JR. Can't wait for season 3! Love all the new actors the new series is just as much of a nail biter as the orginal!

    Bring on season 3!!! Have to say John Ross is his daddy's son and I love it!
  • I am blown away by how great this show is

    I was a big fan of the original and started watching because Larry Hagman was in it. I am blown away at how brilliantly the show handled his death and the amazing story line reminds me of the original. John Ross is perfect! Sue Ellen is fantastic. I can't watch for next session.
  • Love this show!

    Watched the original Dallas when I was in my teens and have recently watched them all again. Love this new show and series 2 is even better and will be so disappointed if we dont get a series 3. Wish Channel 5 would do more to promote this show and put it on at a reasonable time and not 11pm!. Good job i can record it. My 15 year old loves it too. Please please give this show the credit it deserves and dont axe it...
  • Please TNT Renew for Season 3

    This show is so awesome! I love John Ross and Pamela Rebecca together. This show has great writing an acting. Too bad that it is not on a regular channel. I am still loving this show.
  • OVER///

    JR was Dallas his character gave life to the rest of the cast. The new generation of Actors are so~so at best,with the old regulars living the end of an era, even TV shows its reseveration by airing it on TNT way to many commercials I see it ending Heres to you JR you were the beginning and the end..
  • Great Show

    Loved the original Dallas, but I really like this show too.
  • remarkable show

    unlike most shows on tv these days, this one is edgy, unpredictable and has solid cast
  • awesome show loved the orginal series

    dallas was one of a kind and who says old show don't come back jr bad as ever but thats jr glad to have most of the orginal cast back
  • Awesome show!

    Never got the chance to watch the old tv show, but this one is breathtaking and totally addicting!

    Each episode contains so many happenings that you can't even blink...

    Awesome series, different from what people are used to see.
  • If Done Well...

    ...remakes can be excellent, and the new Dallas is just that.
  • Stop bringing back old tv shows

    This is really lousy........guys are studs but, the show stinks!