Season 1 Episode 3

The Price You Pay

Aired Monday 9:00 PM Jun 20, 2012 on TNT

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  • The Price You Pay

    A little bit too much with the female characters right now. The original Dallas had a strong female presence, but they have not done enough to make these individuals unique and special just yet. It was a solid episode and I am glad for once it looks like they stopped the endless twists and turns of the cast.

    It was a developmental episode, and it was okay, but a little low on the action side.
  • #103 'The Price You Pay'

    Not as good as the first two episodes last week but still enjoyable. JR knows that his son set him up and makes sure John Ross trusts his old man now and that he's willing to do anything for his good old papa. Then our beloved JR moves back to Southfork and pretends to be on Bobby's side when John Ross shows up with Miss Ellie's journal claiming she spent some time in the mental institution (JR gave him the journal). Bobby decides to sell Southfork and he finally tells Christopher about his cancer.

    Meanwhile Cliff Barnes returns (looking terribly old and tired) and offers load of money to Christopher who turns him down. I loved the line Cliff said to him: "You're not one of them and you never will be." And I liked some of the Pamela-references. Rebecca's brother is annoying and he knows how to shoot at moving objects (!) and his little sister is the one who sent an email to Elena and destroyed her relationship with Christopher. Well, things are getting soapy. And no Sue Ellen in this episode :( damn it. It was slow but hopefully next week's episode will be better. (7.0/10)