Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team

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Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team

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They have become known as America's Sweethearts, but many know them simply as the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders. CMT brings you the inside story of the selection process for the team: a behind the scenes look at what the casual observer would never get the chance to see. A four month process that begins in April and ends in August. To many, it may seem like those involved in the selection process are just looking for pretty faces to scatter around the sidelines, but this simply is not the case. The director of the team, Kelli Finglass, is the heart and soul of the entire organization. Being a former DCC herself, she knows how tough it can be in the girls' shoes and knows the incredible stress the girls must endure throughout the entire process. The girls must excel in a range of categories: athleticism, dance, football knowledge, personality, and over all style. CMT takes you through the entire, grueling, four month process where some dreams will come true, while others are shattered.moreless

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  • Kelli Finglass

    Kelli Finglass

    DCC Director

    Jay Johnson

    Jay Johnson

    DCC Boot Camp Drill Sergeant

    Judy Trammell

    Judy Trammell

    DCC Choreographer

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    • This show is smoking hot.

      This show is really hot if you're a guy. But if you're a girl and if you want to maybe be a cheerleader, then its good to see how it would be like to be a cheerleader. Anyways you can see all the hard work cheerleaders really go through. Also the girls do a lot of tests to see who makes it and who doesn't. And since its a reality type show you know its really real. This show is really entertaining and kind of sporty at the same time. Basically I think this show is hot and the one of the best reality shows on TV right now.moreless
    • One of my favorite behind the scenes shows...

      I really like this show. I was a fan of the Dallas Cowboys when Emmett Smith and Troy Aikman were working together. This show basically gave me another reason to like the show. The girls are basically beautiful and sweet. There is hardly any backstabbing (aside from the occasional "I'm afraid" moments) in this show. The judges (including alumna Kelli Finglass) do a pretty good job selecting their Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders for the year. It's also good to see that even 10-year veterans have to try out again next year and compete with new candidates. Can't wait to see more of them! :)moreless
    • America's Sweethearts...

      Love them or hate them cheerleaders are a part of sports. This was a good show for the whole family. It let girls and women channeling their inner girl to have that moment where they really wanted to be a cheerleader. And boys and men channeling their inner boys, well they got something a bit different out of it, but…

      Sometimes the ditziness of the girls got to me, but the athletic stuff that they had to do and the bodies that they had to maintain makes up for that. All in all a good show and proof that DCC will always be America’s Sweethearts.moreless
    • This show is aamazing. With the combination of beautiful girls with great dancing skills, this shows got it all.

      Many ppl prob think that the qualifications for being a dallas cowboy cheerleader is being hot and beautiful, but this show proves them wrong cause the girls trying out are tested almost daily for 4 months about their dance skills, with constant evaluation. its almost torture for these girls cause u can see the stress and nervousness they are all going thru. this is good point about the show, cause it shows all the aspects of what the girls are going thru when they tryout, from the stress and grief to excitement and happiness. plus, the girls are all really beautiful, so how can anyone not like this show.moreless

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