Dallas Divas & Daughters

Sunday 8:00 PM on Style Network Premiered Oct 04, 2009 Between Seasons


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Dallas Divas & Daughters

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This show follows the wealthiest mothers and daughters from Dallas' most well-off neighborhoods. See how their relationships fair in the lives of the super-rich. Starring Pamela Martin Duarte and her daughter Hannah Martin Duarte.

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  • This show was pivotal in bringing "docu drama" television to Texas. These ladies are the true pioneers

    I loved Jacqui and her mother Patty and I LOVE Pamela and Hannah. It was a good day when Pam and Hannah were spun off into the show Big Rich Texas. I wish the Divas all the best.
  • From Dallas live other places LOVE the show !

    The Divas are fun and the show is great ! A good escape from reality with reality -sort of.

    Anyone who has something bad to say is because you wish you had a show. I am sure it is a lot of fun to film this show

    Keep the fun alive with the mothers and daughters, the housewives shows are very boring and not as fun. I am happy that the style network has a campy show that they can blend into the other programing. It is a good moral show if you pay attention. The mothers really care about their daughters and vice versa. Sit back relax and enjoy.moreless
  • Some of these women are truly disgraceful.

    I am from Texas and live overseas so I was excited to see the show was being aired here. After 2 episodes I was embarrassed that these women were linked to my home state. Most of them are ill-mannered and bratty. How disappointing. One of the mothers says she is in control of her daughter, but it is obvious that she is more interested in saying it in front of the camera. The importance she puts on her daughter being a debutante is ridiculous. Down the road, this mother is in for a very rude awakening.moreless
  • This is a VERY embarrassing TV show about the Women in Dallas, Texas.

    This is a VERY embarrassing TV show about the Women in Dallas, Texas.Especially Pam and Patti. I feel for the daughters of this Show. Brenda wake up, Pam is nobody's real friend. I find some of these women to be very offending in how they treat people in general. They are truly Diva's thinking of one's self and to busy keeping up appearances. I actually have to turn it off the channel at times it is offending to my sense's. I believe this show will be a short run - if the catty talk doesn't cease. Good Luck, Tv Diva's.moreless
  • Awesome...The Dallas Socialites are living the good life. The daughters are experiencing life & opportunities at a level most people never will. The humor & entertainment will keep you coming back every Sunday night.moreless

    FUNNY! That's the only word that can describe the Dallas Divas and Daughter's! The situations portrayed in the show are ones we all can relate to - just on different economic levels. The "Aristocrats" have the most class, education, experiences, and are the most grounded. Pamela & Hannah are in a league all their own. They definately have the biggest and best tiara's! The whining, crying, & eye-rolling perfected by the daughter's is hysterical...and yes, some Diva's do implement rules and guidelines for their daughter's. It's refreshing to see them in action, especially the Aristocrats! Kudos to Ignacio for showing us his admiration, love and support to his DIVA Pamela & DAUGHTER'S Hannah & GiGi! Where are the other Dads? Oh yeah, not involved as a parent or on the show! See for yourself, Sunday nights. REAL people, REAL situations, REAL funny!moreless

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