Dallas Divas & Daughters

Sunday 8:00 PM on Style Network Premiered Oct 04, 2009 Between Seasons


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  • Season 1
    • She Said/She Said
      When Chanel is invited to play at a prestigious end-of-summer music recital at the Dallas Arboretum, Kenya invites all of the Dallas divas and daughters to attend--including Patty and Jacky. While Kenya hopes Patty and Pam can work out their differences, sparks start to fly at the tea party when Patty and Jacky confront Pam about not inviting them to their Denim and Diamonds birthday bash. Not one to take the blame, Pam puts the blame on Brenda and their daughters, forcing Brenda to look at her so-called-friend in a new light. Meanwhile, Patty prepares for an empty nest as Jacky starts packing for college, but are either one of them ready to make it on their own?moreless
    • Finding Mr. Wrong
      Things become awkward for Brenda when her daughter Laura wants to invite her ex-husband (and his new girlfriend) to an important charity event. When Cindy finds out, she takes matters into her own hands and drags Brenda to a professional dating service to try and meet some potential suitors. Meanwhile, Patty wants her daughter Jacky to become more responsible and independent so she forces her to get a job to help pay for college. Although she lands a job at a clothing boutique, Jacky has a hard time dealing with the arduous tasks and catering to her spoiled friends who don't have to work.moreless
    • Like Mother, Like Daughter
      The competition between Laura and Hanna heats up again when the girls vie for the honor of the best debutant gown. Laura and her mom Brenda are beyond proud of the dress that Laura designed herself, but Pam and Hannah are not impressed. Meanwhile, Jacky's graduation is coming up and her mom Patty throws her a big bash at a swanky hotel to see her off--and to unveil a final gift for her only daughter. Jacky is hoping for the vintage Cadillac that her dad left to her mom, but Patty has other plans and her jaw-dropping surprise leaves all of the divas and daughters speechless.moreless
    • Wicked Rich
      Wicked Rich
      Episode 5
      With both of their birthdays coming up, Brenda and Pam decide to combine parties and throw one grand Texas-themed birthday bash--but this year, they're letting their daughters do the planning! If Laura and Hannah can pull off a successful soiree, their moms will let them have a few extra privileges like an extended curfew and a Spring Break trip to Mexico. But the girls soon learn that planning the social event of the season isn't a piece of cake and hire an event planner to get them out of the mess--but is it too little too late? Meanwhile, spoiled Chanel pulls out all the stops to get her mom Kenya to buy her a new $80,000 Range Rover.moreless
    • Catty Catwalk
      Catty Catwalk
      Episode 4
      Pamela sets up internships for Hannah and Laura at a local fashion show for David Meister through her connections, and the competition quickly heats up as the girls vie for the opportunity to win one-on-one time with the famed designer. Meanwhile, Cindy's daughters Courtney and Danielle decide to help her look for Mr. Right and screen a strange cast of characters to see if they can make a love connection for their mom. Also, Patty is on a mission to make sure she teaches Jacky about self-defense before she leaves for college, so she takes her daughter to a Jiu-Jitsu class and a shooting range to show her how to shoot a gun.moreless
    • Don't Mess With Mean
      Laura attempts to control her crowd of friends when she promises tickets to see a hot local band, but comes up two tickets short, leaving Jacky and Courtney out in the cold. The two scorned girls take matters into their own hands, upstaging the others at the concert and hanging with the band backstage. Meanwhile, Hannah and Laura are reluctantly involved in the debutante program when they would rather be more focused on boys. Pam tries to keep Hannah on a short leash, and she is shocked when she discovers her daughter has been hiding a hickey on her neck.moreless
    • Raising the Rich
      Raising the Rich
      Episode 2
      It's prom week in Dallas, and Hannah and Chanel go with their moms to hunt for the perfect dress. Hannah's mom Pam grills her about going with a senior. If she doesn't approve of him, she won't be allowed to go. Chanel is in for a big surprise when she tells her date Conner she has feelings for him. Meanwhile, the divas stir up drama at a local wine bar when Patty and Pam go at each other again. Cindy continues her quest for the perfect man, but seems to be looking in all the wrong places.moreless
    • Everything's Bigger In Texas
      It's the start of the social season in Dallas and the city's most prominent families are ready to take center stage. Meet five mother and daughter duos that will do whatever it takes to keep their place at the top. When Patty and her daughter Jacky arrive two hours late to a polo event, it causes a stir amongst the group. Meanwhile, moms Cindy and Brenda embarrass their daughters when they chat up a hunky young Argentine player, and Pam is the belle of the ball when she is lavished with special attention at the event.moreless