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Dallas SWAT follows the action-packed, high-stress line of work and the elite team of law enforcement officers that make up the Dallas SWAT team. Every day the officers on this team must be at the top of their game, waiting for the next mission. Follow the officers to their homes and see what they do on their down time and how the rigors of their job affect their life out side of the team.
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  • What a joke

    I feel like the members are showboating for the cameras. They use way more force than needed and do way to much damage for very little dope. Imagine that, the show on now they completely destroyed another house and no dope. What a joke. Guess what, strike 2. Another destroyed house and no dope. They are 0 for 2. If they want to act all bad and be on TV then they should move to hollywoodmoreless
  • A show i just watched talked about a calendar ? Is it still avalable ?

    And if not can it come back? Each year? I would be very interested, you guys are hunkier than fire men ! And the Show is pretty awsome too !
  • Horrible

    This show is depicting SWAT team serving warrants. I've seen at least 20 episodes and the only time I have seen them get more then a few grams was on a sting operation. I've seen several no-knock raids and it was either the wrong house, no drugs were found, or very little. It shows them at minimum wasting $5000 dollars of tax payer money per raid x3 per show x20 episodes... 300,000 dollars to get an estimated 20,000 worth or narcotics and cause an estimated 1,000,000 dollars in damage to the houses/property. It sickness me that this is happening. Extremely low level drug offenders, extremely small amount of drugs found. The amount this type of thing affects us is never ending. It costs minimum 10x more to catch them then to Educate them and give them a job. Fuck cops and fuck the swat. They are a burden on our population keeping the poor from getting ahead and then profiling there awesome life in the show.moreless
  • Dallas SWAT is a great show that gives a good insight into the lives and abilities of the men and women on squad.

    I absolutely love this show!!

    The guys(and Misty) are all so brave. I could never do what they do. I wish more people would watch and realize they are not just a bunch of cowboys who run into a place and shoot it up, they give the perp every opporutnity to come out peacefully. I do hate it when they go into an attic and have to just stick their heads up there- I am always afraid somebody is going to get shot.

    I like that we get to see their lives too, cops have kind of a bad wrap when it comes to their personal lives. Like they can't shut it off- this group seems to be the exception. They come across as totally normal guys. I must admit this show is also somewhat of a guilty pleasure for me- I am a huge fan of Richard- what a doll!!

    The camera loves him!!moreless
  • This is the greatest show ever. I think that the work that police officers due is strenuous, and they are heroes for even putting on the uniform. I watch it when ever it is on, hopefully it will not get cancelled.moreless

    I love this show, and the shows that have been created to branch off of it, like Kansas City SWAT and Detroit SWAT. This shows that real life heroes, not like the ones you see in fictional shows, but actual flesh and blood, everyday people putting their lives on the line for citizens everyday. The only problem I could see coming from this show is that criminals will watch it and learn some of the tactics that SWAT officers use, and that might give them an upper hand with fighting police. But lets hope criminals are not that smart. This show examines the lives of every individual police officer on the Dallas SWAT team. It explains that way each officer looks at their job, and how they view things. It also shows a huge human aspect, the families of these police officers and what they go through due to the stress of the job.

    Overall a really nice show that will hopefully be on the air for a long time.moreless
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