Dallas SWAT - Season 2

Thursday 10:00 PM on A&E Premiered Jan 05, 2006 Between Seasons


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Episode Guide

  • Episode 23
    Episode 23
    Episode 13
    Dallas SWAT employs tear gas to force an armed man out of a house when a domestic dispute escalates into violence. Also, one of the officers goes back to his old neighborhood to try to defuse a gang war, and the experienced officers play dirty when they have a basketball game against the new recruits.moreless
  • Episode 22
    Episode 22
    Episode 12
    Kansas City SWAT is called in to take down a man who has barricaded himself in his house with two female hostages. Also, they execute a drug-dealing warrant against two brothers who turn out to be armed.
  • Episode 21
    Episode 21
    Episode 11
    Kansas City SWAT members are wary when they have to execute two drug warrants in the same apartment complex. Also, one of the officers gets rousted out of bed to handle a nighttime case of a man who's barricaded himself in a house, and there is a high-speed chase after a drug dealer.moreless
  • Episode 20
    Episode 20
    Episode 10
    Kansas City SWAT goes after a drug dealer HQ. Meanwhile, one of the officers whose wife is expecting gets to hear the baby's heartbeat.
  • Episode 19
    Episode 19
    Episode 9
    Kansas City SWAT is called in when a hotel guest refuses to vacate his room and stabs one of the staff. Also, a confrontation with a dangerous drug dealer.
  • Episode 18
    Episode 18
    Episode 8
    A Detroit SWAT officer is forced to make an early exit from his daughter's birthday party when a man with a gun holes up in a residential area. Also, catching robbers who wear fake police uniforms.
  • Episode 17
    Episode 17
    Episode 7
    A man trapped in a hotel takes a woman hostage. Meanwhile, one of the team enters the hospital for back surgery.
  • Episode 16
    Episode 16
    Episode 6
    A man has barricaded himself in his home with a bunch of high-powered weapons. Also, two units back up an undercover narcotics sting operation, and team members engage in a basketball competition after work.
  • Episode 15
    Episode 15
    Episode 5
    A truck is hijacked with the driver held hostage. Also, the team raids a house of illegal drugs.
  • Episode 14
    Episode 14
    Episode 4
    Detroit SWAT goes after a barricaded gunman who appears to be a schizophrenic who has gone off his medication.
  • Episode 13
    Episode 13
    Episode 3
    Dallas SWAT must serve a warrant for arms and narcotics violations while keeping innocent women and children out of danger. Then they go after a pair suspected of stealing baby supplies from a drug store, who have barricaded themselves inside an apartment with hostages. Finally, they invade the lair of drug dealers.moreless
  • Episode 12
    Episode 12
    Episode 2
    Dallas SWAT is called in on an otherwise quiet Memorial Day weekend to subdue a home intruder whose method of entry is unusual. Meanwhile, one officer checks out a suspected heroin dealer, and another officer takes his kids to finally meet their violent uncle in prison.
  • Episode 11
    Episode 11
    Episode 1
    Senior Corporal Jose Guzman must prevent a disturbed ex-cop from getting himself killed. Meanwhile, Senior Corporal Rich Emberlin wonders if his back problems will force him to give up his career, and the team's Tool Master Todd Stratman tries to develop a better method for quickly entering drug dealers' fortified lairs.moreless