Season 13 Episode 17

After Midnight

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Feb 09, 1990 on CBS



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    • Jeanne: Just think, Bobby. I can be Pam. And you can live it all over again.
      Bobby: I don't want you to be Pam.
      Jeanne: Oh, I think you do. You just don't realize it.
      Bobby: This is crazy.

    • Melinda: Duke Carlisle may be the terror of Dallas, but I'm his little pussycat. You'd be amazed how much influence I have over him. One word from me and you can kiss your big deal good-bye.
      James: What do you have against me?
      Melinda: You don't get it, do you?
      James: No.
      Melinda: When I aim for something, I hit it—dead center. I want you in my bed, James Beaumont. And what I want around here, I get.

    • Bobby: I know, with the way I've been acting, I have no right to ask you this, but I'm going to ask anyway. April, please wait for me.
      April: (crying) Who do you think I am? Saint April the martyr? When you walked through that door, my heart just filled. I thought, "Thank God, he finally came to apologize. We can live happily ever after." And now I have to deal with this "getting over Pam" crap! I can't take this anymore!

    • J.R.: You got a deal?
      James: That's right. A big fat one.
      J.R.: An oil deal?
      James: (laughing) Nah, I don't even use oil in my car anymore.

    • J.R.: Hey, James. James, great news. We got ourselves a gusher down in Pride.
      James: Oh, that's good.
      J.R.: Good? It's great! And there's a hell of a story that goes with it. I can't wait to tell you, son.
      James: Yeah. Who'd you have to sleep with to make it gush?

    • Michelle: God created men just to aggravate us, especially when we're on a roll. But now we're fighting back. I mean, forget the chocolates. Forget the romance novels. Let's channel our energies into business. Create an empire by women for women!
      April: All you need is a marching band and Old Glory waving above your head.

    • J.R.: (to Blackie) You couldn't find oil under the hood of my car if I handed you a gold-plated dip stick.

    • James: Well, it's nice to meet you, Duke. What brings you to Ewing Oil?
      Duke: Well, I come over here with a real rattlesnake of a deal for the Ewing boys. That means a deal with big fangs up front and a lot of nasty action on the back end.

  • Notes

    • Barbara Bel Geddes (Miss Ellie), Lesley Anne-Down (Stephanie), Howard Keel (Clayton), Ken Kercheval (Cliff), Cathy Podewell (Cally), and Charlene Tilton (Lucy) are not present in this episode.

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