Season 1 Episode 5


Aired Friday 12:00 AM Apr 30, 1978 on CBS

Episode Recap

During the final preparations for the annual Ewing barbecue Jock hears that Bobby has invited his father-in-law, Digger Barnes, to the party. Meanwhile Pamela tries to get her father ready for the inevitable meeting of the two longtime enemies. Digger still hasn't recovered from losing childhood sweetheart Miss Ellie to Jock Ewing.

Back at the ranch Pamela gets some good news from her doctor: she is going to have a baby. She immediately tells Bobby, who can't disguise his happiness and shares the information with some of his friends at the barbecue. There is a tense moment at the party when Digger arrives with his nephew Jimmy. Jock goes off to drink on his own, Miss Ellie takes Digger for a walk. The childhood sweethearts talk about the past with Miss Ellie admitting that she married Jock to save the ailing ranch.

News of the Ewing baby reaches Sue Ellen, who immediately starts drinking heavily before telling J.R. what is about to happen. The shock makes J.R. pick up the bottle as well. Bobby and Pamela wait until they can get Digger, Jock and Miss Ellie alone before announcing their good news. The idea that they will share a grandchild brings Digger and Jock closer to one another, but at the bar they start rehashing history. Digger accuses Jock of stealing his share of the oil, Jock claims he couldn't trust Digger because the man would have gambled away the company. A frustrated Digger forgets his vow not to drink, gets drunk quickly and makes a spectacle of himself.

Throughout the barbecue Lucy has been trying to seduce Jimmy Barnes. Acting on advice of his cousin Pamela, Jimmy pretends to be an innocent hayseed, but towards the end of the party Lucy and Jimmy disappear from sight. With her father very drunk Pamela goes looking for Jimmy and finds him with Lucy in a barn.

A very drunk Sue Ellen rides her horse around the stables. When Bobby and J.R. try to get her down from the horse an argument ensues in which J.R. accuses Pamela of sleeping with many men. Bobby knocks J.R. down and walks away with Sue Ellen. It is then that J.R. notices Pamela sitting on the top floor of the barn. He climbs up the ladder to talk to her, but his drunken behavior scares her, making her fall to the ground.

That night it is clear Pamela has lost her baby due to the fall. Bobby intends to take Pamela away from the ranch, but Jock comes up to see Pamela, asking her to give the family another chance. Pamela agrees.
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