Season 1 Episode 1

Digger's Daughter

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Apr 02, 1978 on CBS

Episode Recap

Bobby Ewing and his new bride Pamela are on their way to the Southfork ranch where they will inform the family of their surprise marriage. There is some trepidation as Pamela is the daughter of Jock Ewing's longtime enemy, Digger Barnes. Bobby feels his marriage is the start of a new phase in his life as he spent most of the past few years on the road, looking after the public relations of Ewing Oil.

At the company's offices J.R. Ewing is watching the televised hearings about the oil industry. Cliff Barnes, Pamela's brother, is asking some very dangerous questions that might harm independent oil companies such as Ewing Oil. Patriarch Jock Ewing phones up J.R. to express his displeasure with Cliff's actions. He then goes to look for Ray Krebbs, the ranch foreman who once had a fling with Pamela Barnes. He finds Ray at a barn and asks him to use his relationship with Pamela to put some pressure on Cliff Barnes. Once Jock has left the barn, Ray returns to the girl he was entertaining in the hay, none other than Lucy Ewing, the third Ewing brother's daughter.

From the barn Lucy and Ray see Bobby and Pamela arrive at the ranch. Bobby's mother, Miss Ellie, does not quite know how to welcome her new daughter-in-law. That night Bobby officially introduces his bride to the family. J.R. pretends to be happy for his brother but when he shows Pamela around the ranch he offers her money to break off the marriage.

The next day Pamela drives to her apartment to pick up some clothes. She finds her brother waiting for her. He is willing to accept her choice of husband but insists that she tell their father. They meet with Digger in a bar where he is entertaining patrons with his tall tales. At first he doesn't completely understand what Pamela is telling him, but then he goes into some kind of shock.

Determined to destroy his brother's marriage J.R. comes up with a plan. He tells Bobby that the two of them have to go to Austin for three days. Meanwhile Ray offers to show Pamela the ranch from his helicopter. They land at a secluded lake, where they talk about their past. When Ray playfully pushes Pamela into the water, they have to dry their clothes in a nearby cabin.

At that moment J.R. tells Bobby that he needs to show his brother something. They drive to the cabin where Bobby will see his wife in a compromising position with Ray. When Pamela sees J.R.'s car approaching, she realizes that she has been set up. She warns Ray that she has learned about his relationship with Lucy Ewing and that she will tell Jock if Ray doesn't tell the truth about this incident. Ray has no other choice and comes clean. Bobby understands that J.R. set it all up to discredit Pamela. He tells J.R. that he will choose his wife over his family in any instance. At the end of the episode J.R. admits that he underestimated the new Mrs. Ewing.