Season 1 Episode 1

Digger's Daughter

Aired Friday 12:00 AM Apr 02, 1978 on CBS

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    Bobby Ewing gets married to Pam Barnes, who is part of the family who are considered to be the Ewing's enemy. Ray and Lucy are involved in a fling. Lucy and Ray see Bobby and Pam as the enter the ranch and figure out that they are married. J.R. privately confronts Pam over her marriage to Bobby, and says that if this is a farce she better take a pay out now. Mr Ewing tells J.R. that he isn't so sure that this marriage is a bad thing after all, and that he doesn't mind Bobby settling down. Pam goes to her apartment to get her things and her brother is waiting there for her, upset that she married a Ewing. Bobby asks to see the red book, J.R. gives him a different book and has his secretary put the real red book in his safety deposit box. Pam tells her father (Digger) that she has married Bobby Ewing, son of his enemy. Lucy tells Pam the story of how she came to be raised by her grandparents and live at Southfork Ranch. Ray takes Pam on an helicopter tour of the ranch. J.R. and Ray set up Pam so that Bobby thinks that she has cheated on him. Pam says that if Ray doesn't tell the truth that nothing happened she will tell everyone about him and Lucy. Bobby tells J.R. that he will always choose his wife over him.
  • What was this supposed to be originally?

    In the age of the mini-series five-parter "Dallas" arrived in 1978 as a pretty unassuming show. When you watch this episode now you can't help but be struck by the drabness of the setting. Filmed on location in winter or autumn, it is pretty gloomy. (In later seasons they would film most outside scenes on a sunny Los Angeles lot.) Apart from the unlikely fashionable secretary, most characters are dressed realistically. It is therefore clear that it was not meant to be a high-powered soap opera, but a family saga about oil and cattle. There are certainly enough characters for more than five episodes, so I presume they did consider it the start of something bigger. (Poor Sue Ellen, however, only has about five lines.) The writing is surprisingly witty at times, a quality they gave up when the convoluted plot lines took over.
  • I never see "Dallas" on CBS in the '70's . I think "Dallas" on DVD in the store so the show in SoapNet every day .

    the set in Dallas , Texas . the saga of the Ewing family story about the rich family take something to do for oil company and buiness for the State of Texas . Larry Hangman is J.R. and Larry H. was good actor on TV a long time . and P. Duffy was good actor , too. P.Duffy is Bobby . I like Larry H. and P. Duffy many time . My paprents love "Dallas" TV show over years ago. well I will try to watch "Dallas" on SoapNet every day and I copy the show on DVD+R disc every day . I copy the show on DVD+R disc every day . smile . Thanks !!! Thumb Up!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please send me e-mail anytime .
  • The tone is set fast and furious. It is a morality play, putting vulnerable characters into extraordinary circumstances.


    JR: Did your brother put you up to this, Miss Barnes? I don’t think that’s an unusual question to ask, Miss Barnes.
    Pam: Mrs Ewing.

    JR: I’m willing to spend some money now to avoid any inconvenience, but if you insist on being driven away, which you surely will be, you’re going to come away without anything honey,
    Bobby: Hi there, what’s going on?
    JR: Oh, just talking a little business
    Bobby: Mama don’t like business-talk when there’s supper on the table J.R.
    JR: Well you know mama, she’s so old fashioned.
    Bobby: C’mon honey, let’s go

    JR: I asked her how much she’d take
    Jock: You did what
    JR: I tried to pay her off.
    Jock: You jackass.

    Jock: It’s about time you learned the art of subtlety.
    JR: Well why should I be subtle?
    Jock: Because the lack of it turns competitors into enemies, and enemies into fanatics.