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  • Season 14
    • Dallas Reunion: Return to Southfork
      Charlene Tilton hosts Patrick Duffy, Ken Kercheval, Linda Gray, Steve Kanaly, Victoria Principal, and Larry Hagman for reminiscences on the series, including outtakes, fan questions, and famous cliffhangers.
    • Dallas: War of the Ewings
      Dallas: War of the Ewings" begins with a scene of Bobby Ewing in the shower. He turns arounds and says 'Good morning'. The same scene from thirteen years ago, when Pam woke up from her "dream". Sue Ellen Ewing steps into the shower with him and gives him a kiss... it's then turns out, that it's is actually J.R. Ewing's bad dream. Sue Ellen comes in to his room and wakes him up, reminding him that they're planning to have lunch.

      J.R. reads the morning paper at breakfast, seeing that his company, Weststar Oil, is rated the number 1 independent oil company in Texas. Ewing Oil, now owned by Bobby and Sue Ellen, is second.

      J.R. asks his banker to get him a loan, so he can plan a hostile takeover of Ewing Oil. He's told that his net worth won't cover such a large amount. Anita Smithfield, J.R.'s lawyer and lover comes over and J.R. tells her he's tired of making offers to get Ewing Oil back - he plans on splitting Bobby and Sue Ellen up in a 'divide and conquer' setup. He also tells her that he has discovered geological reports that indicate there's oil under Ray Krebbs' ranch, which J.R. intends to use a collateral for his loan.moreless
    • Dallas: J.R. Returns
      Five years after the events in the final episode of the long-running series, which ended in 1991, J.R. returns to Dallas, hoping to reclaim his powerbase by getting back Ewing Oil, which is now in the hands of his archenemy, Cliff Barnes. J.R. also finds that the Ewing family is now scattered across the globe and that only Bobby and his 18-year-old son, Christopher, are living at Southfork, which is now run by Bobby, who's given up the oil business for good. Determined to reclaim the family empire, J.R. schemes to destroy Cliff's merger with McKay while reuniting his family, including his ex-wife, Sue Ellen, and his son, John Ross, who are now living in England.moreless
    • Conundrum (2)
      Conundrum (2)
      Episode 23
      J.R. continues his journey with Adam, seeing how the Ewing family would have evolved if he'd never existed; Bobby nears J.R.'s room as a gunshot rings out...
    • Conundrum (1)
      Episode 22
      Nearing the point of suicide, J.R. is visited by Adam, who takes him on an It's a Wonderful Life-style journey to see what would have become of the Ewings had he never existed.
    • J.R. becomes increasingly despondent over the loss of family at Southfork, and is forced to partner with Cliff at Ewing Oil; Michelle faces charges in Hillary Taylor's murder; Carter and Dusty serve up some long-awaited payback; Bobby lends a shoulder to Jory Taylor
    • 4/19/91
      James decides between Michelle and Debra Lynn; J.R. and Bobby argue over Southfork's future; Cliff gets back into Ewing Oil; John Ross continues to feel ignored, and wants to go be with Sue Ellen; Hillary Taylor comes to town and ends up face-to-face with Michelle
    • 4/12/91
      Michelle and Cliff scheme to make Debra Lynn leave town; Clayton returns from Europe with news regarding Southfork; J.R. locates Cally and butts heads with John Ross
    • 4/5/91
      Michelle discovers about James and Debra Lynn's past, and seeks Cliff's council; Jory Taylor comes looking for Bobby; J.R. gets a stern warning from his doctor, and learns who fathered Cally's baby
    • 3/29/91
      Carter gets his revenge against Cliff; Hillary Taylor finds out Bobby talked to her daughter; J.R. tries to keep Debra Lynn away from James, and urges him closer to Michelle
    • The Ewing men go on a cattle drive; Carter seeks revenge against the real killer of Johnny Dancer; Michelle has new hope for her marriage; a surprise visitor comes to Southfork looking for James
    • 3/1/91
      Bobby faces a choice when Jory is kidnapped; Cliff parts ways with Liz and becomes the Energy Czar; J.R. puts his plan for revenge against Lee Ann into action; Michelle finds it trying being married to James
    • Smooth Operator
      Episode 14
      Bobby confronts Hillary's daughter, Jory; Michelle doesn't like James' more generous attitude towards his father; J.R. wants to by Liz's company and begins to plot revenge against Lee Ann
    • 90265
      Episode 13
      Michelle kicks J.R. out of Ewing Oil and moves into Southfork with James; Bobby gets Liz's help and lay in wait in Malibu to Hillary Taylor to return
    • Designing Women
      Episode 12
      LeeAnn's scheme against J.R. comes to fruition, and she heads out of town, leaving a parting gift for Michelle in the process; released from jail, Carter plans his revenge; Bobby dreams of April
    • 1/18/91
      LeeAnn and Michelle try to break up J.R. and Vanessa Beaumont; Bobby learns Sheila Foley's true name, with help from Liz, and meet her old partner; the verdict comes in at Carter's murder trial, but Cliff has something to say that may change it
    • 1/11/91
      J.R. is furious to learn James got Cally pregnant, and gets a business offer from LeeAnn De La Vega; Bobby continues the search for Sheila Foley; Cliff proposes to Liz; Carter becomes the main suspect in Johnny Dancer's murder; Michelle learns LeeAnn's real motive and objective
    • Sail On
      Episode 9
      J.R. seeks to stop the completion of the Ewing Oil sale to LeeAnn De La Vega and gets powerful dirt on Carter; drinking and Johnny Dancer's murder hurt Cliff's political dreams; James is upset over his mother's engagement; Cally gives J.R. some surprise news after their divorce finalizes
    • The Odessa File
      Episode 8
      Bobby and Michelle search for Sheila Foley in Odessa; Cliff lends his assistance and they come up with some promising leads; LeeAnn De La Vega arrives in Dallas; Rose admits her spying to Carter; Vanessa accepts J.R.'s proposal, and he attempts to block the sale of Ewing Oil
    • 12/14/90
      Cally confides a secret in Vanessa Beaumont, who fears she can have her lover or her son, but not both; Cliff, Liz, and Carter are suspects in Johnny Dancer's murder; Michelle offers help in finding Shiela Foley; J.R and Clayton have a violent confrontation, causing Bobby to deliver a threat that cuts J.R. to the bonemoreless
    • Heart and Soul
      Episode 6
      Bobby continues his hunt for Shiela Foley, while Michelle blames him for April's death; J.R. gets a spy in Carter's house; James seeks people to help him take down his father; Vanessa Beaumont comes to town; Cliff and Johnny Dancer fight
    • Tunnel of Love
      Episode 5
      James tries to recruit Cliff to go after J.R., who's trying to track down Jessica and using the McKay's marital strife to his advantage; after April's funeral, Bobby begins the search for Shiela, and blames April's death on greed in the oil business; Cliff proposes to Liz
    • Terminus
      Episode 4
      Back at Ewing Oil, J.R. starts his quest for revenge against James, Sly, and Melinda Carlisle; Carter tries to payoff Cliff; Liz is haunted by her past; Bobby makes another attempt to rescue April
    • One Last Kiss
      Episode 3
      April discovers Sheila kidnapped her, while Bobby is dismayed to have a trusted ally turn on him; Cally visits J.R. at the asylum, and makes an offer to release him
    • Charade
      Episode 2
      Having kidnapped April, Sheila forces Bobby to pretend to be her husband; James gets taken in a high stakes poker game; Cliff and Liz continue dating, but Liz is warned that she's not through with Johnny Dancer yet; with help from the other inmates, J.R. forces a showdown with Morrisey in order to trick him into confessing that he faked insanity to avoid going to prison for murdermoreless
    • April in Paris
      Episode 1
      Bobby and April's honeymoon encounters an unexpected twist from Sheila Foley. Cally second-guesses working with James, who's taken over operations at Ewing Oil; J.R. mulls his fate and tries to devise a way out of the insane asylum.
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